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Gotta try new things
Today we are trying this sugar apple.

It's nice. It's mild. Sweet. Maybe too sweet for me.

But a fun- and messy- fruit to eat. :-)
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Watch Joe and I Live Now!

This is the link to the LIVE hangout with +Joe McNally  and I talking about St. Lucia!

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Fireworks Tips / A Chat w. Thinktank / Win a My 2nd Brain Briefcase Bag!
Deanne Fitzmaurice was here recently talking with Mia McCormick on for her upcoming podcast series. While she was here, we were able to chat with her on some of the ideas behind  +Think Tank Photo  . We also covered the new Airport Roller Derby and the My 2nd Brain Briefcase. We also talked about some #Photography tips on Fireworks to get ready for the July 4 weekend. 

Win This Bag
On the show, we are also giving away a My 2nd Brain Briefcase bag. Your choice on size. your choice on color. 

Go right to the episode here:

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*Photography Tips & Tricks"
Hanging out watching an episode of #photography tips and tricks being taped.
+RC Concepcion

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And awesome learning.
Nights in St. Lucia: Join Us
I have had St. Lucia on the brain last couple of weeks.  In September, +Joe McNally  and I are doing a workshop at  Jade Mountain St. Lucia - spending an entire week there working on advanced lighting, post production, HDR, and video.  This was one of the shots that I got the last time I was out there - Its my favorite room at Jade.  I just cant wait.  

If you need a workshop to do to - Make sure you join us Sept 14-19.  Info here:

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Having some fun! +Rafael Concepcion

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Such a warm start for your heart... Take a moment and enjoy.
Legend has it that her great, great, grandfather had been a protege and performed the violin in this very palace...

...long before he left for America and even before he met and fell in love with a beautiful, fiery artist—a woman not content to behave as it had been outlined for her by her father (a tough U.S. Marshall). A strict, disciplinarian who was not keen on his misbehaving daughter running around with a "mad violinist" from Austria.

Eventually, and as it tends to happen in these things, the Marshall got wind that the two had plans to marry. To make his point of just how strongly he disapproved, the Marshall had the love struck violinist thrown in jail and left strict orders that his daughter was not to visit the violinist without a chaperone.

Upon hearing the news, the Marshall's (broken) daughter went to the jail to say goodbye. Even letting her father know that she would be escorted by the local minister so that he needn't worry.

When the guard saw who was accompanying her, he thought nothing of letting her stand outside the prisoner's cell—even leaving the three of them alone to visit.

Which is exactly when she had the minister marry them! Hahaha!

I like that about her. ;)

As I sat in the audience (listening to the orchestra) I could see my great, great, grandparent's story unfold—playing out right in front of me and it was...magical.

My grandfather experienced much, suffered much and loved much through his music and as I left the performance (with a smile on my face and the sounds of violins in my heart) I couldn't help but hope that, somehow, they knew I had been there and that having heard the violins playing in the palace meant that I would always be able to hear them playing and that I would be holding them both a little closer.

The end. :)

Shot with my trusty (albeit a bit overwhelmed) iPhone.

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Really a beautiful moment... Please watch this warm interview--
The Chat w/ Karen Hutton
I was getting some cool emails telling me about the interview!  Not too long ago, I did an interview for +Karen Hutton's show "THE CHAT". I've been a big fan of what Karen has done with this show.. but I have to say I got dangerously close to talking about things that I have not thought about.. or was ready to talk about ... She is just so easy to talk to.  If you have some time.. make sure to check it out.  Thanks Karen for the chat. 

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My Dad's Posthumous Birthday Gift
Though my dad is no longer with us, I feel like today he got a posthumous gift through Sabine.  Read all about it here:  
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