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Brian Jones
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Brian Jones

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Coke aims for cool with new 146-flavor dispenser

ATLANTA — One machine can't fix all that's wrong with the soft drink industry. But Coca-Cola's Freestyle machine — which can dispense 146 different flavors — is giving Coke the one thing it needs most of all: buzz. Freestyle is not a beverage formula, but a formula for survival in the $76 billion soft-drink industry awash in competition and growing consumer rejection. This teen-targeting, touch-screen dispenser flavors self-created beverages in micro-doses. It may be Coke's best hope to keep Millennials fully engaged, socially involved and buying fizzy drinks at a time industry sales are falling faster than water down the drain. USA TODAY received special permission to tour Freestyle's super-secret offices — which limit entry to about 100, badge-wearing Freestyle employees — for a sneak peak at Freestyle's future. The brand's laser focus: attracting Millennials. Freestyle is part of Coke's never-ending quest to pander to the young-and-techie. Freestyle's even got an app in the works for next fall that will let folks pre-mix and match their drinks on their cellphones. Then, when they hold their devices up to a Freestyle machine, they'll receive the exact drink that they've mixed in their app.

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I hate these machines.  I just want a Sprite.  Not a Sprite that tastes like whatever the last guy got.
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Brian Jones

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Total Temp Control 

Nest + Virgin
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Brian Jones

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Brian Jones

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Motorola could have owned this solution with Google.... But alas it's not meant to be...

Apple, Google, and Amazon’s quest for one remote control is futile
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Steak that melts in your mouth....awesome shrimp tempura as well!!
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