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S. R. Karfelt
Muse, writer, glitter globe dweller.
Muse, writer, glitter globe dweller.

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Home Sweet Ho—Ahhhhh! I'm Back from Traveling and Hanging with my Mother-in-Law Again
S.R. Glitter Globe Sure I spent over a month traveling the world. I still wasn't ready to come home. There's a crippling amount of reality in my daily chaos. I'd been looking forward to seeing Gummy. She didn't even notice I'd been gone. Fiv...

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Travel Hacks from Flights to When Everything Goes Wrong
S.R. Karfelt/The Glitter Globe This is my travel hack #101. Check out flights on those low-price sites. You
know like Ex-PEE-DIA and KA-YAK and OR-Bitz and Travel-O-City (all spelled
wrong here because I don't need crawler programs putting ads for them all ...

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Since I'm exposing all the writerly secrets at this point.
#writing   #amwriting   #editing   #bookrelease   #book   #reality  

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The Fantasy Vs. Reality of Book Release Day
I've Finished the Book! Make sure the minions don't disturb me for a bit! Who am I talking to? And I have no minions! looks for some on Amazon too expensive The book is finished. It's been rewritten EIGHTEEN times. It's gone through TEN edits after that...

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NOBODY TOLD ME has fluttered into existence.

It's my first Non-Fiction book, and it's about a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and dementia. It's also about love and endurance, and as always there's humor. Because I don't know how to do life without laughing.

Does that seem like an odd combo? I don't see why. It's an excellent coping mechanism.

#dementia   #alzheimers   #memoryloss   #hope   #coping   #caregiver  

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Another Little Piece of My Heart—Sharing Stories with the World
The Glitter Globe/S.R. Karfelt NOBODY TOLD ME love in the time of dementia has been magicked into a book.  That was easy enough. I'm laughing as I say that, and lying too. After the interior people and I went through seven versions of it, I looked back into...

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Books and Cupcakes.
My spirit animal blog.

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