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A Fusion of the Professional and the Ridiculous
A Fusion of the Professional and the Ridiculous

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That air conditioner is pretty gross looking. You know an AC unit is old when it doesn't even look like an air conditioner
Congratulations Larry Strass! Mr. Strass is the winner of our Antique Air Conditioner Contest with his 43 year old Tappan Air Conditioner! He has won a brand new Lennox XC13 Air Conditioner complete with installation! It's run down, It's over the hill, it's the oldest Air Conditioner in Chicago!

For those who didn't win, check your inbox! We sent out the exclusive offers promised simply for participating in our contest!

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Four Seasons to the Rescue!
CBS 2 News went to Chicago's A/C pros, Four Seasons Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing, for air conditioner advice during last week's heat wave!

Same day service and installation came in handy for Chris Lafrombois who had Four Seasons install a brand new air conditioner when he needed it most! Check out the Spotlight on CBS 2 News, and if your air conditioner is having trouble recovering from last week's unbearably high  temps, schedule service with Four Seasons now!

Click here to schedule your same day repair:

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Cthulu Fthagn!
Your regularly scheduled morning internet is being interrupted by this brief #Fthagn bender to combat the real insanity.

You're welcome. ;p

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Learn to read Korean in 15 mintues. It's actually surprisingly easy, assuming this comic is telling the truth and the whole truth.
I found this on the web sometime back. Would be a great kickstart to those who have no idea how to read hangul. :D #korean #languagelearning #hangul  

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Solid resource.
As Chicago boils under 90+ degree temperatures and 100% humidity, homeowners everywhere are looking for easy ways not only to stay cool but also to save money! Four Seasons has put together this FREE e-book to summarize quick  tips anyone can implement in their home today! Download your free e-book now! click here:

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Very very cool way to illustrate origin stories. Superman may be my favorite.
Superheroes - Past/Present
By California-based artist Khoa Ho
Superheroes - Past/Present
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Ever wonder what the difference is between a single speed and variable speed blower motor? Check out our latest blog to learn how a blower motor retrofit may be able to save you money on your energy bills all year round!

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This spider will live in infamy and glory.

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This is awesome! A 203k loan allows you to loan out enough money to not only purchase a property, but to also include money for renovations. The results are staggering.
Best Transformation 
(please share and/or send questions)

What seems to be an old barn is actually a comfortable home rehabilitated using FHA Financing. The home owner added a great screen porch, a metal roof and repainted the kitchen cabinets and gutted both bathrooms with new fixtures and flooring. 

We topped off the remodel with an Energy Audit and Rating performed by Rick Eades - TAGMA 

Construction by Truly Noble.
Lender - Bo Smith - Cornerstone Home Lending

#REHAB    #FHA203K   #remodel   #GARAGE  
Braxton Garage Before/After
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This is a good thing.
Kickstarter bans pickup artist guides after backlash over funding 'rape manual' [The Verge] :: Kickstarter has backed off from support of a user who launched a successful but highly controversial "guide to getting awesome with women," issuing a blanket ban on what it calls misogynistic how-to manuals. On June 19th, a Kickstarter user completed a round of crowdfunding for Above the Game, a book that offered pickup artist-style advice to men: it closed with over $15,000 with a goal of $2,000. But as comedian Casey Malone found, the advice ranged from standard truisms to veiled endorsements of sexually assaulting women. Malone reported the project to Kickstarter, saying it was an inappropriate use of the platform and asking the company to cancel the project rather than go through with funding it. ::
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