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Guys - I have some feedback that I hope you will take seriously. Pages hosted on the subdomain.leadpages (not Wordpress, etc) force you to use https format on embed code.  So for example Chatroll embed won't won't even work since it is not using https. When I use Chatroll on a webinar page I must host the page on my Wordpress site so that I can get away with basic HTTP.

Same with any video hosting platforms that give me HTTP embed code instead of HTTPS.

Now say I run a webinar and I want to re-direct the page afterwards. I can't use redirects outside of the leadpages subdomain!  Redirects are not supported on the WP plugin!  

Catch 22 you see?  Can't host the webinar on the leadpages subdomain, but can't redirect later if in WordPress.  

You guys have some work to do.  Solve this.

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Any reason that +Google Investor Relations hasn't posted last night's webcast replay to YouTube yet? Usually doesn't take this long. 

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