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Who Makes the Fastest Progress—the Specialist or the Generalist?
The title looks like a simple question – and one that would be important to know the right answer to. People choose
whether to be a specialist in one subject, a generalist who can master multiple
subjects, or something in between (like the specialist who kn...
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Which CEO is Scarier: The Narcissist Liberal or the Extravert Conservative?
CEOs are consequential people. They have a central role in
organizing the firm, choosing subordinates, and proposing strategies to their
boards and implementing them. We know that (most) CEOs have ideologies and
personalities. We don’t know much about how t...
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Concentration, Vision, Practice: Essential for Tennis Players – and New Ventures
I just saw research on how to successfully start a new
venture that made me think about the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Here’s why:
some of the things that are obvious sources of strength in tennis are widely
thought to be weaknesses in business – but if c...
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How Good Is Competition? Pretty Bad, Actually
In many areas of life, we enjoy competition. Right now, there
is lots of excitement in Wimbledon. There is even more in the World Cup, where
entire nations seem to believe that they are in matches with each other – not 22
selected players, most of whom play...
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Liberals Like to Talk: How Police Officer Ideology Shapes Law Enforcement
Misunderstandings are common in the workplace. An important
one is between customers who are confident they know how employees are supposed
to do their jobs and the employees who are equally confident that the customers
are clueless. Sometimes this is amusi...
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The Political Firm: How State and Party Careers Influence Chinese Firms
It is well known that firms ask for favors from the state
and often get them, with examples ranging from all the secretive lobbying in
the U.S. to the land use permits that politically connected firms seem to get
more often in many developing nations. But w...
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Coupled Careers: Why Some Work Better Than Others
We humans have a habit of getting attached to each other. People
often connect as couples, who may then form families, and their lives outside
work become closely connected. But the lives of members of a dual-earner couple,
especially professionals each dev...
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Let’s Talk about Our Breakup: How Communication Facilitates Separation
worry, you haven’t stumbled onto a relationship advice column. I’m here to talk
about an old problem for organizations: how to successfully divest parts of
organizations that need to become independent entities. There’s lots of
research on how to inco...
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Structured Restructuring: How Organizations Define a New Managerial Role
Here is something that everyone – academics, managers,
employees, owners—would like to know more about: How do organizations shape a
new managerial role? What are the consequences of different approaches? This
matters because organizations keep changing the...
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The Last Surge of Age: How Technologies Are Reborn
Are you one of the people who sneers at the resurgence of the
vinyl record these days, when CDs are obsolete and we carry our music on
phones? If you own or aspire to a Rolex, or any Swiss mechanical watch, you
should probably shut up. Vinyl records and mec...
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