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Making Stupid Phones Smarter: Will a New Strategy Be Imitated?
Qualcomm just announced products that will be used to help
feature phones take advantage of 4G networks. Let me translate that sentence
(for those who need it). A feature phone is what some call a stupid phone – the
opposite of a smartphone, because it is m...

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La La Land Entrepreneurship: When Does the Specialist Entrepreneur Win?
In La La Land,
Sebastian is such a dedicated jazz pianist that he cannot bear playing other
kinds of music – and after many trials and travails, he succeeds as an
entrepreneur, starting the jazz club of his dreams. A wonderful story of
entrepreneurship (the...

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Why Double Standards? Investment Advice from Women
Let’s start with two facts that are not very well known. The
first is that investment professionals actually share advice sometimes,
although it happens in certain closed online platforms.  By investment professionals I mean people who
are managing money, s...

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My Kind of Fraudster: How Social Group Affects Responses to Misconduct
We know that shared identity is a tool used to gain the
confidence of people before defrauding them, and we suspect that it works
especially well for an identity strengthened by current discrimination or a
history of persecution. Bernard Madoff’s exploitati...

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Our Secret Environmentalism: We Don’t Say We Are Sustainable
Firms are under continued pressure to certify themselves as
virtuous, good, effective, high quality, and any number of other positive
things. Often they display the certification prominently. For example, if you
type “General Motors ISO” or “General Electri...

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Since the Roman Empire: Organizations Engage History to Make Changes
How to
change an organization? The answer to this question is made surprisingly difficult by all those
who think that change is unnecessary, change is risky, and in any case it should
be change that favors their favorite option; nothing else will do. Using ...

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Fertilizing Green Chemistry: How an Occupation Renews Itself
chemistry is a set of principles to make chemistry healthier, safer, and more
environmental. It has made significant changes in how chemistry is done, and in
a way that is very different from how we usually think of reforms in
organizations. Usually w...

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War, Exploration, and Interference: The Rise of Amateur Broadcasters
In daily life we know that professionals rule the roost.
Anything remotely important is done by a profession with restricted access to
practice and many rules for practitioners -- or it is done illegitimately. Did
you undergo medical treatment last time you...

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Albert Dunlap Style Likability: Those Who Seek Flattery Get Enemies
I will start this post with an old story. CEO of Sunbeam Corp.,
Albert Dunlap, known as an expert in turning around troubled firms and selling
them for a profit, was sued by the SEC in 2001 for accounting fraud. He was
eventually barred from serving as an o...

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Who Admires Martin Shkreli? How we respond to Controversies about Firms
Martin Shkreli is listed as an entrepreneur, hedge fund
founder, and pharmaceutical executive. All of these are good things, at least
to people who appreciate the formation of new ventures, financing of ventures, and
work to improve healthcare. He has also ...
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