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Anthony Donelson

My physical fitness log is a true definition of hard work and dedication. I've learned that cardio is a very important part in healthiness. keeping a log is a good way to stay in tune in what is  being done. I would recommend that people do this more often to keep their health in track and  to live a longer life.

I learned how to cope with stress. even when I'm not and know someone that is stressed out I learned techniques that can save my life and others in my future.

I don't know why I'm just now getting the food group goal log assignment. I would do a extra assignment to make up. I'm just now getting it seriously.

this week I learned a lot about what stress is and different types of stress signs and symbols of stress.  I am now aware if there someone around me showing signs. today I lost someone to suicide. I wish I would of used this the way it should have been used. I wish I could have took this more serious. maybe I would have saved his life but its too late now! today 6/13/16 I learned what stress can really do also how it can effect people. stress should always been took serious you don't know what people are thinking maybe your good words can save a life. Don't do what I did and wait till its too late.
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