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Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association
Advocating for residents of Pasadena's Central District
Advocating for residents of Pasadena's Central District

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Pasadena Mayoral Election - who will replace Bill Bogaard?

Who’s Running?

Jason Hardin, Magazine Publisher
Don Morgan, Business Owner / Educator
Jacque Robinson, Vice Mayor / Councilmember
Allen Shay, Business Owner
Bill Thomson, College Trustee / Attorney
Terry Tornek, City Councilmember / Businessperson

When is the Election?

Primary Municipal Election: March 10, 2015
If no candidate receives more than 50% of the votes, there will be a Run-Off Election: April 21, 2015

Here is our Candidates Forum and Downtown Expo:

5:07: Candidate opening statements (including top three priorities for Downtown Pasadena)

28:44: We hear a lot from the candidates about "protecting the neighborhoods from development." In reality, there are very few projects planned directly in any of the purely residential neighborhoods. Rather, they are in the Central District, where we are now. We in the DPNA see development as an opportunity--if it's done well--to repair the urban fabric and to create economies of scale for transit and commerce. Good development is something to be encouraged, not something to be protected from. How do you explain this apparent disconnect?

36:33: From the perspective of Downtown specifically, how do you see the proposed 710 tunnel? In short, are you for it, against it, or still undecided? And if you are against it, tell us specifically what you're going to do to prevent it from happening.

44:16: Pasadena is known for its sense of place and being special among LA County cities. In real estate, it is called having location, location, location chops. In your view, how can this sense of place be protected while fostering economic development?

51:37: As a follow-up: Many in Pasadena believe that we are losing our cultural and architectural heritage to an invasion of poorly designed, bland developments not suitable to Pasadena's sense of place. City Council is considering changes to the design commission and to the design review process in order to expedite it. If you become mayor, what leadership position will you take on this issue? And to that, what three things should developers and architects of downtown buildings pay more attention to?

1:00:06: What role does a higher density neighborhood like Downtown Pasadena play in furthering the city's environmental goals? And how do you feel Downtown Pasadena can further help reduce the carbon footprint of the city?

1:08:38: What have you done personally in the past three years to reduce your carbon footprint, and how have you reduced your water consumption since the drought was officially declared last year?

1:16:35: What, in your opinion, are the economic opportunities and challenges in the Central District? Please address each district separately: Old Pasadena (not Old Town), the Playhouse District, and South Lake.

1:25:15: What do you see as the most effective tools that the city could use to cultivate and environment of vibrant businesses in the downtown?

1:33:24: What street in your district is in greatest need of a Complete Streets overhaul?

1:37:32: When was the last time you took public transit and rode a bicycle? Let us know where you went and what was your experience.

1:41:10: No one expects you to know everything already about being mayor of Pasadena, but I'd like to learn more about your ability to grow on the job. Tell us something new that you've learned in the last few months, and tell us why you learned it and how you like to learn new things.

1:48:47: What value can citizen participation and involvement bring to decision making at City Hall? And how can more participation by citizens be encouraged?

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Ethan will discuss the recent history of the Gold Line and its prospective future, if Measure M, Los Angeles county's transportation tax and master plan to build out a world-class, comprehensive transit network

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Advocacy Alert Civic Center Parkland & Trees endangered by YWCA/Kimpton Hotel proposal. Integrity of the Civic Center threatened. City Council votes on Mon Aug 15th, 7-10pm. Please attend and speak up! and/or send an email to…

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What are the financial realities facing America’s cities, towns and neighborhoods? The financial productivity of our places. This stunning presentation is a game-changer for communities looking to grow more resilient and obtain true prosperity during…

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“Pasadena’s General Plan directs where growth & development will occur… New parks need to be planned in anticipation.” Good News! In October 2015, City Council agreed with the DPNA and gave direction to staff to create a plan to build new parks where they…

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Election for Mayor of Pasadena The Primary Municipal Election was held on March 10, 2015. Six Candidates competed, Jason Hardin, Don Morgan, Jacque Robinson, Allen Shay, Bill Thomson, and Terry Tornek. Jacque Robinson and Terry Tornek won the primary, at…

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Guiding Architecture in Pasadena: a look into the Design Commision

Guiding Architecture in Pasadena Pasadena’s quality of life and character are an inspiration to many and a key to the City’s future economic vitality. A delicate balance must be struck in providing a predictable, efficient development process with the…

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New Year, New Mayor for Pasadena. Who will it be? DPNA and YOU will be interviewing the candidates on Jan 14th. Join us!

Mayoral Candidates Forum A chance for Pasadena voters to meet and compare the candidates who are vying to replace Bill Bogaard as Pasadena’s next mayor. Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 6pm Who’s Running? Jason Hardin, Magazine Publisher, (213) 256-8948 Don…

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Save the Date #2: "Designing the Ditch" - Connecting Pasadena (CPP) Visioning Workshop

NEW STORIES.  50 years ago, the state seized a gigantic swath of valuable land in the center of Pasadena, and demolished thousands of people’s property in order to build the planned extension of the 710 freeway.   Countless stories of individual…

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The public is invited to: The Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association’s ANNUAL MEETING OCTOBER 16, 2014, 6:30pm The Gamble Lounge of Pasadena Presbyterian Church THEME:  “DOWNTOWN PASADENA – A WORK IN PROGRESS” 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Socializing, Food and…
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