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Getting Ready for Finals!
Hey everyone!  I sure hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate like 1 bazillion turkeys! I am getting ready for finals and it feels crazy. It seems so weird that next semester is my LAST. What?? It also feels so good. So basically everything is super c...

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Inktober 2015!
Hey everyone! It's been a minute since my last post, but last month I participated in Inktober, so I wanted to combine all of my Inktober sketches in a blog post for you all to enjoy! For my Inktober theme, I decided to go with some of my favorite female mo...

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Sickness Sucks
I am getting sick! I really hate when that happens. Mostly because I can never seem to slow down so it makes it harder for me to get better. You would think I would have learned by now... but nope.  Anywho, I had to do an illustration that was for the nurse...

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I'm so excited!
My classes are going to be so fun! A lot of work, but definitely awesome! I am currently preparing myself for a couple of cool projects and I will make sure I keep you guys updated with sketches and comps.  I just wanted to show you guys a sketch I did this...

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Yikes! School starts in a few days!
Where did the time go?? I'm just finishing up my last summer of school before my final year of classes. The end is so close but so far away! I am pretty excited about my classes starting on Monday. I'm not sure if I've mentioned what I am taking but here it...

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Sketchy sketches and other doodles
Hey everyone! So my friend and I have been challenging each other to make art every day for 30 days. I thought it would be a good idea since school starts soon and I could always use some more sketching practice! So far I haven't had any problem meeting the...

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Family Portrait Commission
My boyfriend and I just signed up for the Chalk the Block event in our city! I am so excited to collaborate with him and create a chalk piece for people to enjoy! That is happening September 17-19, so I will definitely keep you guys posted if I come up with...

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Vacation was fun.... I drew some beach babes!  It
was seriously so much fun. But I am back to real life now, so I wanted
to share a couple little doodles I did on my trip. I have a few pages I
drew in on my trip that I will show next time. By that time I will

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Technology can be so stressful.
Oh! Hey everyone! I'm finally getting back into a good routine
with my art. It was a pretty crazy semester and then I had a lot of
commissions and things to take care of as soon as school got out! But
its all settling down now so I am planning on updatin...

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Im Alive!
Hey everyone! I am so sorry about the lack of posts! This semester has been pretty demanding since I am currently attending school full time!  So let me fill you guys in on what's new with me. I am taking 4 classes this semester: Advanced Figure Drawing, Ce...
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