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(goodbye 2016) (hello 2017)
Ok ok so I said I'd keep this page regularly updated and I will, just university has to take a slightly higher priority with my time at the moment. It's a weird cycle...I've spent so long freelancing and working independently in the hope of it helping me st...

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"vulgarity amuses us because it makes us feel uneasy"
It feels really strange writing here nowadays as I am so ridiculously different to the little fifteen year old who started this page back in 2012. That and I think some people from uni might see / read this and that makes me feel weirdly uneasy...I've share...

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I only ran looking straight ahead
Hello hello!  I seem to have taken a bit of a break from this blog over the last month, but I can promise you I've used the time productively and all for the greater good, if you will. Since I finished school, I've been working as an assistant stylist, shoo...

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New things are happening
Exciting things are happening! Bloom issue 2 is going to print next week, and I am in the midst of preparing this website at last. HTML is not my forté, but I am learning and working hard to make it happen! In the meantime, lots more of my photography work ...

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I tell myself that there is no such thing as a perfect world
Hello again!! Apologies for the mini hiatus, summer has started and is in full swing and I've been a lot busier than I had expected. A lot of my friends are inter-railing right now, however as I need to save up for art foundation (no student loan...wonderfu...

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the clouds are moving in (KTZ SS17 & life update)
Exams are done! I am free! The world is my oyster - from now until September, I am free to work on whatever projects I feel like without having to also balance keeping up with schoolwork. I finished on Friday and have planned to be as busy with Bloom (my zi...

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Brooke and Esme
Brooke and Esme by Ellie for Sukeban

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Festival Picks with Beyond Retro - plus competition!
Summer is, undoubtedly, the time for festivals. With school, college or university out for a few weeks, it's the perfect opportunity to dance in the sunshine with your friends to your favourite bands, letting your hair loose for the holiday before returning...

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don't wanna be lonely, just wanna be yours
Salut! Oui, je suis revenu de Paris! Ok I think that was 'I have returned from Paris' but if I am honest, my GCSE French skills have seriously diminished since my exam a whole two years ago (I feel old). Anyway, as a fairly spontaneous pre-exam jaunt, Sinéa...

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I definitely saw you somewhere before
Guess who has finished school for good? It feels so strange, the fact that I will never have to go to lessons again...I feel very ready for my art foundation course though and so am excited to be moving on towards that at last. These photos are from a while...
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