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With MegaBox HD apk on Firestick/TV is there a way to pause the video?

Has this ever happened to any of you with Exodus and RD.. sometimes while watching TV shows, the sound will completely go off. Never happens with other sources.

I just bought two bloom lights to go behind my TV. What iOS app is great to use these and my color living Room Lights to change colors as what is being played on the TV?

I am on a FireTV and currently running Fuy 1.0 on Kodi 17 and trying to update to 1.1 but getting the Spinz TV error.

On my computer, I am able to update with no problem. Any suggestions to update on FireTV?

Hi everyone. I am relatively new to Kodi and found out about one of your builds on YouTube for the Premium Lite Build for the FireTV Stick. I know how to install it but get this error message after the initial login:

"Dreamlink Online Addons: Add-on is incompatbile due to unmet dependencies. Would you like to disable it on your system?"

This is after a fresh start and wondering how to fix this. SALTS videos won't show up and I also get an error message from Metalliq add-on as well. Anyway to fix this problem? Thanks

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Very informative video on the Blocks smartwatch

I am new to Facer and when I go to and download a watch face, it will show up blank under "my watches". Is there any way to fox this. Thanks

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My Malti Tzu

Not sure if this happens to others, the location setting will not change to battery saving from high accuracy. Also, the icon in the status bar always stays on until I reboot my device.

Tonight when I got home, there was a notification for the 5.0.1 upgrade. It's only 17mb and said performance and bug fixes.

Right now, Android is upgrading and not had a chance to use my N7 (2013) with the new revision.
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