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I find it hilarious when I see a G+ post that is "shared privately" and you feel like part of an eclectic, exclusive group, and when you toggle it to see who else is as amazing, witty, affectionate, and caring as you, you see that in actuality the post is shared with the 27 billion other people that inhabit our solar system.

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This is cool.

I'm kinda cool.

And a cool guy should do cool things.

I think I will do this cool thing.
Ace Wonder comes out on Monday, we wanna get it trending! Here's what we need you to do, Go to Walmart, find the Ace Wonder DVD, Take a selfie with it and post it with the hashtag #AceWonder, and any other hashtags you wanna use. Lol. Thanks!! :D
and please share this post to help get the word out

 “God’s intent is not to make everyone happy in the way that we want to be happy (e.g., wealth, fame, power, knowledge). God does not ensure everyone’s happiness in the world by providing them with everything their fallen hearts desire. God is not Santa Claus. His ultimate goal is not temporal happiness, but an eternal one. Consequently, if our temporal pain will serve God’s eschatological goal, then God may very well inflict us with pain because of his priorities.” ~ John Mark Hicks

"Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question." ~ E.E. Cummings

I had this following exchange with my niece, Jurnee (3).

Me: You have a cool shirt.
Jurnee: It's a Hello Kitty shirt my mommy and daddy got me, and you can't judge it.


Jurnee: (Points at broccoli) can I have some of these?
Me: Sure. Do you know what they are?
Jurnee: (nods) trees.

"God never looks at a Christian and says, “Good enough.” There’s no such thing. Instead of waiting for us to become something we can never be, God gives that which he requires: perfection. In exchange, he takes our imperfection onto himself. He speaks a loving word over his righteous son, and that word is applied to us. He calls us perfect, he calls us holy, and he calls us beloved. And since God’s words call into being the thing which he speaks, we become what are naturally not: perfect, holy, and beloved." ~ Nick Lannon

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Just this.
Yayyyy!!!! Ace Wonder will be on store shelves August 17th! Pre-order your copy now at Walmart, Bestbuy, or Amazon!! :D

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Don't miss out on this piece of awesomeness.

I mean, if you're a comic book fan, like me.
Just uploaded free short comic book from the Ace Wonder movie pre-production!

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Matthew Sample is a talented artist whom I had the pleasure to work with on Ace Wonder (2010) in a collaborative relationship that resulted in a magnificent array of conceptual and finished art that is as dazzling as it is practical. 
Ace Wonder Blueprints
As props for the movie Ace Wonder , I created several faux blueprints.  I threw them together really quick, so didn't put too much thought into them.  I've got concept sketches for all of them-plus a few things that didn't make it to these blueprints- ove...

The lady ahead of me in Wal-Mart paid for the two sketch pads I was going to purchase, and added a pack of gum.

I approve of this.
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