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Eileen Lin
To be a PR professional in film field.
To be a PR professional in film field.

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Eileen equals to Eagerness, Innovation, Loyalty, Experience, Efficiency plus Network. Eileen is my name and also my personal brand qualified for being a PR person. 
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Clausewitz teaches War, also PR
Clausewitz is definitely a war specialist. However, his
philosophy on war can also be properly used in PR world. Clausewitz said, “War is the continuation of policy by other
means. The political object is the goal, and war is the means of accomplishing
it, ...

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Film is Good? No, there is risk!R
When it comes to
the film industry, people always regard it as a brilliant, high earned and safe
career. Is that true? Days ago, my friend and I talked about this topic. I
answered her questions about the relationship between the film industry and the
PR jo...

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In PR world: How Round-Up Goes
Round-up is an
essay publicizing the product, the service or the corporation from a different
perspective than the press release. In the press
release, PR people always centralize the news about the company. Whether the
products or the business format or so...

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In PR World, Audience Matters with Media As The Helper
One month ago, “The
Maze Runner” got released across the Chinese mainland. To promote this film,
the production established a real maze at a shopping mall in Beijing, which
inspired me a lot. The Real Maze in Beijing Established By 20 Century Fox to Promote...

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Learn Mastery at Reporting News: from Broadway to
Broadway musical
shows are one of the famous New York’s interests to people all over the world.
But should we always go to Broadway’s theaters in Manhattan for that? Years
before, the answer was surly yes! In little more than a month, I will say no.

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Film Promotion Gets Diversified
Nowadays, promotional process of the commercial movie works become essential, especially due to the fierce competitions in film market. All film makers want audiences discover and be appealed to their works. Thus, promotion diversity comes. Traditional Meth...

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ON Stage Recently, the
famous tennis player Li Na announced her retirement via Weibo. On September 22,
the official Weibo from ChinaOpen updated a piece of photo saying “Jiang Wen’s
Wish : Li Na, Good Luck ! Photographer: Jiang Yi Lang”. In the photo, Jiang...

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MARVEL Families Get All Together
  “Guardians of the
Galaxy”, which got shown across North America on Aug 1, recent tly started its
promotional actions in China. This great comic work is going to hit Chinese
film market on Oct 10. Two days ago, a
promotion trailer attracted my eyes. In thi...
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