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Stan Yoshinobu
Math Professor, Math Educator, Hiking, Photography
Math Professor, Math Educator, Hiking, Photography

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Part 2: Dr. Esselstein's Students
The following interviews are five of Dr. Esselstein's students mentioned in Part 1 of the interview. Five CSUMB students, five wonderful stories! Transformative experiences are highlighted by the IBL community. Those of us who have used IBL methods in our c...

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Part 1: IBL Instructor Interview: Dr. Rachel Esselstein
This blog post is an interview in a Q&A style. In this edition, I interview Dr. Rachel Esselstein, University High School in San Francisco.  Her experiences teaching at both the university level and high school level, gives her interesting perspectives and ...

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PRIMUS Issue on Teaching Inquiry and JMM Events
Hello IBL Community!  Brian Katz, Augustana College, has shares exiting news for IBL community. Please read below for special issues of PRIMUS and IBL-related events at JMM 2017 in Atlanta, GA. PRIMUS special issue on Teaching Inquiry Elizabeth Thoren and B...

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A Vision for the Future of Active Learning: Professional Development Centers
I've been participating in the Mathematical Association of America's Active Learning Day/Week (#activelearningday), I've shared some videos of students sharing their opinions and experiences in IBL classes. I've also truly enjoyed hearing from my colleagues...

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Does Class Size Matter?
The simple answer is yes . Let's look at some data. An analysis released a couple of years ago by the National Education Policy Center  uses an econometric take on the issue, where they try to disentangle data to find causal links. In their work, share evid...

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Effort and Circumstances in Educational Achievement
The educational achievement by a student is not only a result of personal effort, but is also dependent on  circumstances . Student accomplishments are not acts by a single person, but are also deeply influenced by the circumstances (or environment) in whic...

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Students Voices: Taylor
Taylor is a Liberal Studies major (Elementary Education) at Cal Poly, and shares her thoughts about her IBL experiences in Professor Grundmeier's IBL Math for Elementary Teaching classes. Transformative experiences come in different forms.  In this case, Ta...

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Beginning of Fall: IBL Blog Playlist
I want to wish all teachers starting their terms now or in a few weeks the very best. The start of a school year is a busy time, and much thought and effort goes into getting up to speed with classes, advising, mentoring, committee work, and on and on. Upwa...

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CBMS Statement on Active Learning
Okay, this is a really big deal.  The Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences has weighed in. CBMS supports active learning ( CBMS Active Learning Statement )! Just to be clear, this isn't one or two professors clicking a like button on social media. ...

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10 Videos on Productive Failure (Playlist)
Productive failure is increasingly becoming an important aspect in teaching, in light of the growth mindset research that have been published recently.  Below is a short list of videos I find useful to share with students. 1. Michael Jordan "Failure" Commer...
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