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Mark Dean Garner

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80% of Australian businesses have no idea if their content marketing is actually working. This 2015 report said that most could not track the ROI of their content marketing efforts. They don’t know if it’s even worth the effort.
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Mark Dean Garner

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One of the dangerous myths or excuses about online business is that it only accounts for less than 10% of all sales so it’s not yet a priority for many business owners and marketers.

That’s a dangerous and naive stance for any business person to take, but it seems particularly prevalent among Australian businesses.
The real amount of money they are losing is very scary.

Recent research shows nearly 80% of all sales are influenced by people researching online.
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Mark Dean Garner

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Why Being the Best is Really Bad for Your Business
How to Avoid this Horror Marketing Mistake
Is your marketing making your customers throw-up?.
One of the quickest ways to make your prospective customers throw up and leave you is to say you are: “Australia’s leading expert in...”
Whether you’re in real estate, marketing, training, social media or whatever it doesn’t matter:
Make the above statement and you instantly lose all credibility with your potential buyer.
As any good salesperson or marketer will tell you, establishing credibility is the key to making a deal. Lose it and you have to work incredibly hard to get it back.
The trouble with saying you’re the country’s leading whatever in your marketing material is that when a potential customer reads it they go: ‘Yeah, you and every other a...hole.”
That’s because almost everybody else is telling them the same thing a thousand times a day.

Read more: Why Being the Best is Really Bad for Your Business - Perth, Western Australia
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