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Just in the final stages of our families vacation to Ireland. I have seen and photographed more spectacular scenery, wildlife, and nightlife than most of my past trips here and in the UK. Two complaints for future travelers to heed: wireless and wifi just plain sucks everywhere I've been in Ireland. If it is Farr, it is throttled and slower than a 56k modem, and if it is pay for, it is only slightly faster, but limits simultaneous connections to two. Bandwitth is impossible for uploading photos to social media except via the one photo at a time. Second, no matter how up to date your gps maps might be, they are surely to be outdated. I can't begin to count the number of times that our garmin gps with latest UK and Ireland maps led us on routes that don't exist, or appeared to be navigating through open farmland. You've been warned. 
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