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Thomas McMahon
Web developer & dad.
Web developer & dad.

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Free gadgets for your phone maybe?

Anything new and cool with Google+? Maybe something that'll make me want to come back often?

Can you really not change the privacy of a post after it's been posted on Google+? The more I use this system the worse it is.

I think +Merne Asplund is the only reason I check Google+. Most others are on Twitter or Facebook. :)

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Today is the last day to get 75% off hosting at A Small Orange. Some seriously good deals here. #CyberMonday 

Oh, there you are new Google+. Nice to see you. See you again in a few months.

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Ok Google. I came back to see the new stuff. Where is it?

Is Google going to ever make Google Keep for iOS? Why not try to get all the users, not just some of them? Is the product even still alive? Or will it slowly sit and die?

At what point do we consider this dead? Or is there real and unique conversations happening here?
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