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Quilting in July
It is only mid-July, but it has already turned into a long, hot summer here. This is today's view across the valley -- we actually can see across the valley today, as the smoke is a bit lighter that it has been.  No wildfires threatening the immediate area,...

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A small finish
It is little, but it's done! Three pinwheel blocks make a little wall-hanging. I made the blocks one day to try out an idea and then I tucked them away and forgot about them.  When they showed up again I realized they were exactly what I needed.  The finish...

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On my wall
Last week I came across a bag of fabric samples, donated to the church prayer quilts ministry some years ago, never used.  Nice fabrics, but just pieces, rather than yardage, and in colours and patterns that were very definite -- not easy to combine with ot...

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Fancy four-patches
A stack of 4-inch squares came to hand and the thought crossed my mind that I should USE them instead of simply shuffling them to another place.  Since the group is working on 4-patch projects right now, that seemed an obvious place to start.  What if I mad...

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A couple of scrappy finishes
While it is exciting to start something new I do find that seeing something finished has its own kind of satisfaction!  Over the last little while two scrappy projects have been completed, all the way to the binding. The Plaid ZigZag quilt has borders, quil...

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Getting ready for Christmas
Not long ago I came across my brother's teddy bear that my mother had carefully tucked away in a box many years ago.   Pal has been well-loved -- most early pictures of my brother show the bear tagging along whatever the activity.  I believe Pal was once go...

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Making some progress
Perhaps another one of this year's started projects will make it to the finish line by the end of the year!  (Is is sensible to take this on when Christmas is right around the corner and there are still holiday preparations to be done, you ask? Hey --  I'm ...

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In the Pink
Some of the scraps in my sewing room are sorted by colour.  This is what the Pink and Purple drawer looks like: Drawer of odd pieces of pink and purple that don't have homes anywhere else. This is a collection of odd bits.  Anything larger than a FQ, or any...

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Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks #14
A new edition of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks comes out this week! It looks like this: Volume 14 -- on newsstands about November 15 So, why am I so excited about this, you ask?  Because I have a block in this issue, that's why!  And not only that, my block is on...

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Pondering the scraps
Lots of things I SHOULD be doing in the sewing room, but this week the overflowing box of plaids caught my eye again.  I decided to work on "just the small bits" and try to get rid of the messy part of the collection. I cut strips 6 1/2" long and assembled ...
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