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Adjoa Burrowes
Multi-media visual artist, educator and author
Multi-media visual artist, educator and author

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Putting Bee Banners Together
Adding the flowers, bees, sun and trees that the students created.

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Building the Bee Banner
Students collages tissue square for the banner grass Students paste paper sheets to use for flowers Paste paper flowers for the Bee Banner

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Bee Banner Teamwork
Students at Seaton created paste paper flowers to add to the Bee Banners Working in a team to create the hexagon honeycomb

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My ten week art and writing residency at Ludlow Taylor elementary school ended today with a gallery walk of student artist books created during the residency. Each book housed picture stories and written narratives. During the residency, kindergarten studen...

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Anacostia Lantern Walk
Adjoa leading workshop                    Photo by Mike Briscoe The Lantern Walk was inspired by the story of African American families who built their homes in the historic Barry Farm / Hillsdale neighborhoods in Anacostia by candlelight after returning ho...

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Step by Step Collage portrait
Before 3rd grade students start their cut-paper collage portraits I show them an exemplar to demonstrate the steps.

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Constructing Flag Star Books
As the Kennedy Center residency comes to a close, 5th graders construct a flag book illustrated with drawings from the zodiac constellation. 

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It's In The Stars: Our Personal Constellation
My personal constellation star book Students writing their star stories My 5th grade students in a S.W. DC school are finishing up their accordion books during my Kennedy Center bookmaking residency this fall. In ten sessions I led students in creating thei...

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Self-Advocacy & the Arts Training
I had an opportunity to train with   Master teaching artists Erica Rooney and Nancy Volante from Everyday Arts in Special Education (NYC). They led teaching artists in training  on arts activities that promote self-advocacy skills for high-school students w...

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Connecting Text and Image
Wow! I found this video of me and writer Joy Jones discussing how to connect text with images in books that the National Museum of Women in the Arts did over 7 years ago for their Arts, Books and Creativity (ABC)    a
model arts integration curriculum that ...
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