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Praise: Received the two supplements for Bakshi's The Wizards RPG from +R.J. Thompson, well packaged and shipped the day of payment. Got the books a week ago, but haven't had time to open them up and respond 'til now. Thanks for the books R.J.!

Btw, if anyone has the Wizards RPG rulesbook and willing to part with it, let me know.

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A disciple recovering a mystic relic that so happens to be mistaken as a cheap mass-produced, pot-metal, wall-hanger. This hobby store had no idea the power, and the danger, that sat on their shelf. 

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The outer forces from spaces beyond the stars. Indeed.

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Ever want to peek over the shoulder of game designers as they work, this is probably the closest you'll get without being all creepy and arrested for trespassing.

Design Camp is the spiritual successor to Open Design (Kobold Press). The project features ENnie award winning designers Ben McFarland and Brian Suskind (Southlands campaign setting) and publisher/freelancer Jaye Sonia (Storm Bunny Studios) developing, designing, and writing up an entire RPG supplement. Participants can share in the brainstorm sessions, vote on what gets included or chosen for further development, critique drafts, and engage in discussions with the designers during the whole process. 

Praise Be! Received the tome that is Rappan Athuk, for Pathfinder no less, from +Keith G Nelson safe and with crisp corners all in sturdy packaging. Took some efforts to get through the layers of protection.

Apologies for the delayed feedback and confirmation. Postal neglecting to leave a noticed at the door when they deemed abandoning such a colossal text at the steps too harrowing a task to attempt (not sure why, I've had media mail left on the steps before) . Only had the chance to pick up at the post office this Monday after waiting a few days thinking "media mail estimates".

None of this post office stuff has anything to do with Keith who was awesome in this deal.

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More games to clear out my shelves. Shipping from New York, USA (postal runs on Mondays & Tuesdays). Buyer pays shipping. I accept Paypal. Open to any questions and details/photos of anything in particular.

DramaSystem Set (Pelgrane Press) [$30]
Blood on the Snow

Numenera Starter Duo ($50)
Numenera Corebook (Hardcover, Signed)
Numenera Player's Guide

TPK Games Adventure Pack (TPK Games ) [$15]
The Reaping Stone (Softcover, shipping wear)
The Bleeding Hollow Deluxe Adventure (Hardcover; minor shipping wear)

D&D 4E: Adventurer's Vault 2 (WotC) [$7]
Adventurer's Vault 2 Hardcover, plus bonus 4E compatible adventure from Goodman Games

Slumbering Tsar: The Hidden Citadel Part 2-6 (Frog God Games) [$5] Note: Not the hardback tome, but the individual modules

Rappan Athuk Level 7B (Kickstarter Exclusive; Frog God Games) [$20]

The Tome of Horrors III (Hardcover; Necromancer Games)  [$5]
The Bonegarden (Necromancer Games) [$5]
Vampires and Liches (Necromancer Games) [$5]

(Not Pictured)
Canticle of the Morningstar setting (Goodman Games) [$5]
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Downsizing some copies/games I don't used. Books are in good to excellent condition (unless otherwise noted). Open to provide further details on condition (such as additional description and photos). Ships from New York, USA. Buyer pays shipping (will weight out the book and give you a quote from USPS). Paypal accepted.

(Please note, my schedule only allows for shipping on Mondays and Tuesdays, mostly, unless the schedule changes. May be a rare occasion I can ship on other days, but those are unpredictable and I cannot guarantee like I can for Mon/Tues.)

Dwimmermount (ACKS version) (Autarch) [$30]
Dwimmermount (Labyrinth Lord version) (Autarch) [$30]
Dwimmermount Map Book (Autarch) [$10]

Adventures Dark and Deep combo (BRW Games) [$15]
ADD - Players Manual (Hardcover)
ADD - A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore (Softcover)

Castles & Crusades Set (Troll Lord Games) [$30]
Players Handbook
Castle Keepers Guide
Monsters & Treasures
Classic Monsters

Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox (Hardcover (Trade-sized 6x9); Lulu POD) [$5]
Lords of Gossamer and Shadow (Hardcover; Rite Publishing) [$20]
D6 Space (Hardcover; WEG/Purgatory Publishing) [$5]

Traveller 5 Core ("The Big Black Book" KS Hardcover (Signed); FFE) [$20]
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Don't bring a bomb to a bow & arrow fight.

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It has finally happened, MtG x D&D ... in a D&D compatible supplement.
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