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Mark Kaigwa
Pursuing what digital strategy and storytelling look like from Africa and across emerging markets with Nendo.
Pursuing what digital strategy and storytelling look like from Africa and across emerging markets with Nendo.

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53 Years
2,756 Weeks
19,359 Days

That's how long it has been since Kenya got its independence.
To all Kenyans, those who love 🇰🇪Kenya🇰🇪 and the African continent. To those who appreciate progress.
We say Happy Jamhuri Day to you.

⬇️ Download our special 🆓 wallpaper that relives a historic night in 1963 when the Union Jack (🇬🇧 British flag) went down and the 🇰🇪Kenya🇰🇪 flag flew high.

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Your friends at +Nendo254.

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JKL with +Mark Kaigwa  and Xtian Dela continues. Learn your way around Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Nendo's social media trend report has helped inform this video and spark conversations and commerce for over 1,000 leaders across Africa. Download it for yourself at

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+Mark Kaigwa was On the Bench with Jeff Koinange on his late-night show Jeff Koinange Live this past week with XtianDela. Get into the A, B, C's of Kenyan Twitter at for more on what makes Kenyans tick and the #1 most publicised and cited social media report of 2014. Here's Part 1.

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More love for the #AtoZofKOT  from the folks at Africa Is A Country. You down with

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It's here. From #AtoZ +Nendo254 presents The A-to-Z of Kenyan #Twitter. We've painstakingly gone to find the 26 most important brands, terms and personalities from Africa's #socialmedia starting with Kenya.

We present to you the best defined trends and insights from #KOT  - the (in)famous Kenyans on Twitter and published them for the world to see at 

We've got a video for each one (yes, 27 videos in all!) on our Youtube Channel. Pre-arranged for you in a lovely for your viewing pleasure.

Prefer take-away? Listen to us through our Soundcloud (free to download too, all 30 minutes of it) at

More a reader than a watcher/listener? We've got you. We've got a Slideshare for you to download our magnificent (if we do say so) PDF. Get that at or if you really want take away and want a direct download link for the PDF get it at

So excited we've even got a GIF, which I might add has debuted exclusively here on Google+. 

At Nendo, we're often asked "what do you guys do?" and we often answer "strategy and storytelling." We're glad to finally give the world a taste of that now and for the next 3 months.
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16 hours to go, folks. Biggest launch +Nendo254 has done yet. The A-to-Z of Kenyan Twitter. Watch us. #AtoZofKOT

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I'm at Pawa254 this afternoon talking +Nendo254. Come through to hear more on the report plus some surprises! :)
Is Social Media part of your Marketing strategy? Do you know about the Nendo Social Media report?
We invite you to the Pawa hub today for #PawaSalon XXVII with Mark Kaigwa. 
Time: 5.30-8PM
Venue: Pawa Mageuzi space
Entrance: Free
Pawa is proud to host Mark Kaigwa as he takes a deep dive into 2 of the trends in the report. Come and get to know what really works for Social media and what doesn't. 
RSVP at the link below 

Confirm your participation on the events page

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Never heard a Kenyan rap in Japanese before? My kid brother's a rapper/producer based in Japan. Blazing new hit single here called 行こうぜ (or as I'm choosing to call it - "Let Go.") with a little English for us on this side of the pond. Turn your speakers up loud and have a listen. Great visuals too. He directed his own video! Wunderkind (and not just saying that because he's my brother!) #NewMusic   #Kenya   #Japan   #HipHop   #Electro   #ElectrAfrique   #254low   #WorldMusic   #NowPlaying  

He's been in Japan for 3 years studying civil engineering in college-level Japanese. First year was language, second year/third year were a diploma and this is what he does when the sun sets. For beats, bookings, interviews and more email him at and check out for his last album and more music to #Download .

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I wrote my first post on today. I looked at digital class warfare where Kenyans on Twitter or #KOT describe their Facebook friends and the social network in general as "Mukuru kwa Zuckerberg." A nickname that finds it's place from a slum in Nairobi. Would love to know what you think and thanks to Nonie below for sharing her thoughts.
Hey Mark, 140c is way too limiting, so here goes. I didn't think of 'Mukuru wa Zuckerberg' as being a reference to Mukuru wa Reuben but a reference to it being a 'village'. That said yes, it is problematic. Language is power and even though people may not realise it, it is used to disenfranchise groups of people who are usually already marginalised to begin with. There is power in narrative, there is power in ideas that are held about people and sadly, majority of the time this is usually not used in a positive way but in a derogative one. In as much as this is about elitism which is expected in a country as unequal as Kenya, it is also about the failure of civic engagement. It is a failure of people not taking individual action to identify and address issues of public concern. If the concern is that people do not engage with purposeful, thought provoking content on Facebook or initiate it, perhaps one should attempt at doing it themselves. Posting articles, quotes and narratives that go beyond what they think is vapid. I mean, what are KOT doing in order to develop the combination of skills, knowledge, values, and motivation in order to make that difference that they wish to see on Facebook? And this does not even have to be political, it can be pieces on motherhood, on beauty standards and self worth on relationships in order to counter the 'OMG, people on Facebook are so lame posting babies, selfies and weddings' type of commentary that usually exists. The civic ethos to build while critiquing is lacking to a great extent. But as always I stand to be corrected on my opinion. +Mark Kaigwa +Nanjira Sambuli 

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Don't know what I was thinking but jumped off the most amazing bridge in Africa. Exhilerating
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