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Verb forms and the subtleties of verb usage in English tend to trip up many people when they learn English as a second language.  Unfortunately, some native speakers have a hard time getting them right too, and that's the background for the headine I would like to call the World's Worst Headline.  That may be a slightly extravagant label, but this headline is definitely in the running. See what you think:

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I love those Piano Guys! And this performance is just gorgeous - worth repeating - worth repeating often.

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If you haven't had a good dose of humor yet today, check this out (but ignore the whiny voice - trying to make light of some momentary stress can do that, you know!).

You've heard "Life is too short to make sure you remove your flashdrive safely"?

Well, how about this: Life is too short to have to relearn how to use Facebook, Yahoo!, and Google+ every time one of their employees gets bored or wants to justify their salary.

No, I don't like the new look. I don't like how slow everything is now. Why can the cursor not even keep up with my keyboarding?

Seriously, this is beyond ridiculous. Nothing has shown up yet, since "salary.(Enter)."

I'm allowed to be a curmudgeon today, especially as it relates to the brevity of life. As of today, I am officially a Senior Citizen, even though AARP has been wooing me for years.

The new look of Google-Plus: One more reason to stay away.

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Where is Truth? How can it be discovered, when it is so intertwined with outright fabrications and exaggerations? This man has harmed his case by being what he calls "theatrical."

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Having watched some of the JonBenet tragedy all those years ago, I find it encouraging and even comforting to read her father's disapproval of modern toddler beauty pageants.

Even more encouragement can be found in the comments to the article (and the high numbers of thumbs-ups). I especially liked the comment that says some of this behavior is a form of child abuse. I agree.

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Oh man, finally. I have been wanting to publish these little sudoku tips forever. Finally done.

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This may be the most exciting news I have read in... years, perhaps. Some "far-fetched" ideas do actually have practical, realistic potential. Hallelujah for this study and for the hope that it's offering!

Next - move this a few steps closer to testing in humans?
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