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Opportunity Lost
The failure to move forward with a high-quality movie is
keeping Mass Effect from being the next great Sci-Fi franchise.   I was killing sometime this weekend and ended
up watching some Mass Effect compilation videos on Youtube.   It made me think about wha...
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Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age Inquisition to share the Frostbite engine
Bioware stated that Mass Effect 4 and the new Dragon Age Inquisition will both be built on the Frostbite Engine. Although I’m not invested in the Dragon Age (DA) series I
thought I’d play Dragon Age Inquisition to get a feel for the Frostbite
engine and see...
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Mass Effect; The Final Fight
Your squad for Shore Leave. Well I finally got around to downloading the “ Citadel Shore Leave ” DLC.   So three games and every DLC
later I’m finally at the end of the Mass Effect trilogy.   It’s been quite the ride. I really like Mass Effect.   First I’ve...
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