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Day 5 - Favorite game you’ve worked on.

So far, that would be Bad Streets as it’s the most fulsome thing I’ve worked on.


Day 4 (Describe your work)

Hmmm ... Not sure how to really answer this one. So, we’ll start broad strokes ... I design games with the intent of highlighting the characters and what makes them awesome and interesting. I hold firmly to the belief that the player characters are the story and they should always be the most interesting thing going on. I’m not there to tell a story, I’m there to run a game, the story is what grows out of the game play. If I want to tell a story I’ll write a novel. I bring the same view to designing games. The game and the game system should always be character facing and put them first.

My game, which is called “Bad Streets,” is a game of gritty street level crime drama based on tv shows from the 70’s & 80’s like Starsky & Hutch, Baretta, Toma, Police Woman, Mod Squad, & Hill Street Blues. It is a powered by the apocalypse game where the player characters are the main characters in the hot new 70’s crime drama Bad Streets. As the main characters in a 70’s crime show, they do not investigate crimes (that would be a procedural show which is something different). They solve crimes while always remaining hip, cool, and sexy at all times. There are no moves for doing procedural type things like forensics and in depth technical analysis. That’s a different kind of show. The moves almost exclusively focus on interactions with people.

In Bad Streets there are 8 playbooks.

The Rebel
The Rookie
The Straight Arrow
The Veteran
The Crusader
The Tormented
The Clown
The Outsider

Bad Streets has been in development for 2 years and started out as an exercise in learning how to write a PbtA hack. I plan to be finished with the text of the game this month, and hopefully there will be a pdf version available after editing, art, and layout are done.




Honestly, I don’t feel qualified to do this, but ok, here goes.

1. Who am I? Long time gamer with wildly varied interests?

2. Where am I? Los Angeles, CA

3. For me it actually started not long after I started playing but I absolutely back slid into it. I didn’t start making games and making things for games because I was good, but because I’m absolutely terrible at running other people’s work (published modules for example) the only way I could make games that were at all good was to make it myself so I would have enough understanding of what was going on on a deep enough level to make it work.

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GM ForgeWyrks
GM ForgeWyrks

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Because well, yeah!!!!!
Last Day for Weird War I preorders!

EU friendly shipping. Vintage Messenger Bag. Long Sleeve Yellow T shirt.

And all the products from the Kickstarter!

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AWWWWWWW Yeah !!!! Back to the trenches for you doughboy.... So much awesome here.
Announcing our next Kickstarter: Weird War One Launches Feb. 16th

Weird War One Kickstarter Coming Soon!

The veneer of peace and civility that blankets Europe is about to shatter. When it does, some of those cracks will release things. Things! Beware the madness of men at war, and the desires of those things that feed off such madness!

The Weird War One Kickstarter launches in two weeks. It’s so exciting, even Archduke Ferdinand is looking forward to it. The Kickstarter will run February 16–March 3*, so don’t let it sneak past you while you hunker in the trenches. Be sure you Otto VonBismark your calendars!

*We originally reported a run time of Feb. 9th-25th, and then decided to push our Kickstarter back. There are currently several licensees running Kickstarters—High Space, the Hell on Earth Folio, Olympus, Inc., Against the Axis, Aaron Allston’s Strike Force—and our friend John Wick launches a Kickstarter for Seventh Sea on the 9th. We want to support all our friends in the industry, so we moved back a week. :)

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Great conversation and thoughts on this fundamental question in rpg's.
PC Classes versus Generic/Concept Driven Systems

D&D and it's derivatives have had classes for quite some time. Then there are systems like GURPS, Savage Worlds, and Basic Roleplaying that are more point-based during creation and don't lump their characters into a bucket. We talk about it.

Thanks for listening!

#rpgpodcast   #podcast   #roleplayinggames  

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A great new Savage Worlds podcast coming your way. Chris Fuchs from Smilin' Jacks Bar and Grill has a new project under way. You should make plans to listen.
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