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Anna Kristina Scherling
I'm a Kansan in Boston. I blog. I love Ian. I organize (at work + in general). I live simply. I follow Christ.
I'm a Kansan in Boston. I blog. I love Ian. I organize (at work + in general). I live simply. I follow Christ.

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happy adoption day, Astrid!
I've wanted a cat almost as long as I can remember. And someone always said no. First my mom (who got me a cat stuffed animal for my 18th birthday as a joke... Mom, I still love you!), then K-State Housing and Dining Services, then all my landlords. So when...

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and the 2017 nominees are...
This is Ian and I's eighth year watching the  Oscar-nominated animated shorts  (our seventh at the  Coolidge ). It's hard to believe we've kept the tradition for so long (and next year we'll need a babysitter...), but we look forward to it every year! Our p...

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our 2016 Christmas letter
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, which is a strong indicator that it’s time for Ian and Anna’s annual, awkward, third-person (usually late) Christmas letter! You may be thinking, “hey… I’m getting tired of waiting to read about more than ju...

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thankful list | December 2016
01. our new holiday-scented candles ( Candelles' Blue Spruce is the BEST tree scent!). 02. Hulu, for getting me through a sick day. 03. Astrid, for staying close. 04. Ian, for taking care of me. 05. amazing homemade lasagna and great conversation with our u...

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thankful list | November 2016
01. a good discussion at my reflection and planning meeting (i.e. semi-annual review at work). 02. an amazing community group. 03. turning on the Cubs game in the 5th inning to see them leading in Game 6. 04. wearing my Cubs hat at work. 05. an epic Game 7....

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We're thankful for a lot this year...
...but especially our newest pair of (tiny) TOMS shoes. #may2017

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thankful list | October 2016
01. breakfast with Ian's family. 02. Varsity Donuts . #donutsmakepeoplehappy 03. Bluestem Bistro . 04. errands in Aggieville. 05. bumping into Phil and Ashley at ACME . 06. a fun and beautiful wedding. #thejureyisin 07. another incredible sister-in-law. I f...

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#thejureyisin, or, the day Anna got her second sister
Caleb and Kate haven't been a thing as long as Nathan and Sara, but I think they've known each other longer. Their story involves unrequited high school love and bad timing, which just turned out to be God making sure that when they finally took a chance on...

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thankful list | September 2016
01. a night to veg in front of the TV. 02. Astrid's belly. 03. lunch from Meat Spot . 04. friends to watch the K-State game with (and commiserate with about the loss). 05. seeing a low-flying helicopter for the crazy story it makes (training? movie filming?...

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thankful list | August 2016
01. a fantastic grocery store . 02. a quiet night at home to catch up on life. 03. the DR team making it home safely. 04. safety for our friends in a serious car accident (they walked away unscathed). 05. party planning at the office. 06. the annual office ...
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