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Nice review - with only one slight inaccuracy.  Joe's been Joe at that corner for the last 50 years - and a local celebrity long before his sister married someone who would become his hobbyist webmaster - after that Internet thing was invented, and when social media like Facebook and Twitter became popular.  Mr. Webmaster may get a little wider audience - but Nanticoke has known about its local celebrity for decades!
Joe's Pizza is a small neighborhood pizzeria with so much to offer. I recently took a road trip to meet Joe and try out his pizza and stromboli, and I wasn't disappointed!
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Should be named Guano's. Service was inattentive. In a Mexican restaurant, had to ask for the chips to be brought. Appetizer was delivered without plates. Food was a flavorless as I've ever had at a Mexican restaurant. Our plates and silverware were at least clean - young family next to us not so lucky. Do yourself a favor, go to Sol Azteca in Olney. Orders of magnitude better.
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Excellent ingredients, poor execution, designed to maximize profit. The minestrone was a cup of very tasty broth, with one slice of zuchinni floating in it. Where were the vegetables? The salad had very fresh ingredients, with a dressing whose primary ingredient seemed to be sugar - to thick and syrupy for an Italian dressing. The four cheese pizza ($16) has a cracker thin, tasteless crust with a very tasty mixture of four cheeses and a tasty sauce that is laid across the cracker paper thin - enough to feed only one, and still leave the diner hungry. The baked pasta had a tasty cheese and sauce, but was baked until it was dry. A good cook could do a lot with their ingredients. In summary - very good ingredients, in recipes designed to minimize their use an maximize profit. Would have gone 3.5 stars if it were available - but not worth the trip out I270 in traffic.
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