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Founder RD2, Inc. -- INFP -- I was not born with wings. So, instead I ride things with two wheels. It's awesome.
Founder RD2, Inc. -- INFP -- I was not born with wings. So, instead I ride things with two wheels. It's awesome.

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Melissa shared this with me and I really liked it - "Mark Cuban's 12 Rules For Startups"

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John Ryland is one of the world's top bike builders. He's just moved Classified Moto into a new shop, and here's an exclusive look behind the scenes.

Visit his website at

Or check our archive of his amazing builds at

Anatomy of a custom motorcycle workshop
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All this curiosity, this question of self. 
The searching for answers, the existential. 
The meaning. Or lack of meaning. 
Of this. 
A crisis.
Yesterday and tomorrow. 
Dismiss this, here, now, today.
Something about purpose. 
An existence for reason.

But it's more simple than imaginable. 
And the thinking and pondering bring me further from this. 
All the why and what next…

I'm a man. I'm a boy. On a planet. In a universe. 
Revolving around the sun. 
A father. 
A son. 
A person. 
A speck of dust on the table. 
On two legs walking, through dry air, and into a room; 
Out from the cold. Out of the heat. 
A thought. 
A memory. 
A sea of hopes and a desert of dreams. 
Wrapped up in an atmosphere. 
Of air and sunlight and darkness and space. 
Cool water on my face, a faint laugh passing through a thin wall. 
A day begins and then ends. 
And it will always do this. 
Whether I'm here or there. 
On this, or in this, or out of this, or part of this. 
The great race towards dust.
Towards becoming.
This or that.
or Becoming something else. 
Arriving at the same.

And then there is today. 
Not yesterday. Not tomorrow.
Just today.
Get to know it well. 
As there's not many yesterdays. 
And you never know about tomorrow.

for: weekend showcase

(lots of talk about living in the moment lately and while I agree in general, this came to mind. Honestly I don't know if it's a poem or not. It's just the way I tend to write.)

To "live in the moment" is false. 
As humans we cannot possibly live in a moment. 
Because there's no time. 
A moment, to be measured, happens and then is gone. 
It's faster than lightning. 
One second? One thousandth of a second?

In this context there is no moment. 
Only what is behind us. 
And from the moment we pivot; a forward lean. 
All that matters is moVEment away from the moment.
To gather all we can. 
To create all we can create. 
To think all we can think, from inside our soul. 
To help all we can help. 
To give all we can give. 
To others and to ourselves. 

So when you find yourself questioning the moment.
Ask yourself. 
Are you thinking originally?
Are you DOING?
And in what direction is your lean?

Hello There - I've been a lurker for a bit but would love to give feedback and eventually share some when the prompts inspire. My interest here would be to interact in ways that could help myself learn. I'd say I'd love to help but it seems there are very good writers here which humbles me. Thanks for sharing and how to tune in!


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love this bike!
DP Customs del Rey Sportster
Brothers Jarrod and Justin Del Prado own and operate DP Customs in New River, Arizona, building motorcycles that are simple, elegant and eye-catching. One they wish hadn't got away is the Tyrrell Elf #F1  inspired del Rey.
#CustomMotorcycle   #DPCustoms   #Sportster  

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a snapshot of The America in San Francisco Bay -

+melissa ronan 

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a snapshot of The America in San Francisco Bay -

+melissa ronan 
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