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Lemon Meringue Pancakes

Who doesn’t have a fantastic memory with some pancakes? I have made tens of thousands of these pancakes and they always put a smile on faces! This is another instance where I cut down my recipe from yielding 500 pancakes to a family size portion :) Brunch was always one of my favorite times of the week while working in restaurants. Even though as a Pastry Chef you have to start baking when most people are heading to bed, I really feel rewarded during Brunch. I have full control over an assortment of pastries and breakfast items, and during this time, my work is really center stage. Plus, I get to work the Line, and I know everything will hit the tables as I intended it to!

These lemon meringue pancakes are a beauty, and they are super easy to make. I actually measure out my dry ingredients in advance and put them into containers so it eliminates a step when I’m ready to make them. Not only are these fluffy because they are made with a meringue, I use buttermilk and cornmeal, so you really have a nice, fluffy, southern pancake! Serve them up with a nice jam or compote and you have a perfect dish!

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