"It's a small world, after all" is more than a catchy +Disney lyric. As the internet makes the large, and complex, world smaller, everything is about context, or the individual situations that we all encounter. Don't get me wrong, content creation and curation is still extremely important (that cannot be expressed enough). However, digital marketing allows for the unprecedented customization of experiences based on social encounters, locality and mobility. Context is so much more dynamic than content alone, allowing brands opportunities to connect on a personal level with a more targeted and relevant message. People vary in different situations, and so should brand messages (even targeted at the same person). Tom Wentworth at +Mashable gives a good example with, “You might be a 45-year-old technology manager who likes jazz and runs marathons, but you’re also a husband, a son, an uncle, and a friend — and your purchases reflect all those different contexts.”

Of the components above, I see the "Lo" portion catching some more steam in the near future, especially as +Google seems to be placing more importance on personal +SERPs (**cough***Google Places** cough***). Nevertheless, each will work in unison with the others so that the =SUM(Whole) > =SUM(Parts). Locality ties to mobile, which can tie to social, which can tie to local (+Foursquare, Facebook Check-ins, etc.). It is the perfect, contextual, storm.

Not sold? Ask the folks at +Sitewire about the importance of "LoMoSo" in the digital space.

Read more from +Mashable at: http://mashable.com/2012/02/02/context-digital-marketing/ & http://mashable.com/2012/01/10/targeted-ads-context/
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