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Ok, so of course I have been watching a part of the keynote for Apple 2016.

Am I surprised? No..
Am I amazed? No..

Yet, a lot of Apple employees seem like they have seen a spaceship.

Let's be honest, not a person on earth can present a product like Steve did Rip.

To go on..

Here is (after seeing the keynote of 7 September 2016, where Apple launched it's new products) my honest opinion and why I have bought the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, one month prior to this keynote.

Some info upfront:

1. I speculated on the rumors about the design (same design, is boring after 2 years of iPhone 6).
2. I speculated on the fact that apple will never support expandable memory (big issue for all iphone users, deny it or be honest).
3. The Camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge totally blew my mind, it is so much better than other cameras I've ever touched on a mobile phone.
Yes, the iPhone 7 might have a nice camera, but I don't see any reason to debate which one is better. Also Apple are really sneaky bastards for putting 2 cams only in the Plus size.
Does that smell like a battle for the plus size selling war?
4. Apple will never give anyone any gift for free for buying a product.
Samsung gave me a FREE VR Glasses.
5. I hate itunes..
6. I hate expensive apple accessoires..
7. It was time for a change as I am waiting on a new iPhone.. New yes, new design and something the industry never has seen before, and not bringing up old shit with a new speach.

So here is my personal VS standoff of Samsung vs Apple:

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Dizzy Dix

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Stay motivated
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Dizzy Dix

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Dizzy Dix

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You can check out my #instagram profile from now on @shredbodyz see you there.


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Dizzy Dix

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Hello all,

Does anyone know how Apple is getting away with using different usb connector rather than what has been agreed in European law in 2011?
All phones in Europe should have an universal usb slot, yet apple doesn't.
#apple   #iphone   #ios  
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If they are forced to comply they will simply ship each iPhone with an adapter. 
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Dizzy Dix

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So I know there's a lot of people believing in the "30 minute window" and the protein intake that comes with that.
But could one of them also actually explain how your body gets the notice that the 30 minutes start?
Is it after your first exercise?
Is it during your workout maybe in the middle?
Is it immediately after your last exercise?
If so, does it matter if you work out for 1 hour or 2 hours.
Does your body get this through what information?

Not to mention to sugar intake, can they manage to plan both or will it be too complex?

#bodybuilding   #body   #nutrition   #gym   #fitness   #sports   #intake   #protein  
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Dizzy Dix

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Dizzy Dix

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Did you ever hear about the little elf's in your iPhone speaker that tell you to go drink a coffee at Starbucks?

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Dizzy Dix

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Nah haw I'm feelin after I hear all the NYR's.

#bodybuidling   #fitness   #workout   #muscles   #gym   #aesthetics  
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This is all natural bodybuilding. Motivation for the hard working men.
Hi and welcome to my Page,

I am a normal person.
I admire great people and people who are positive in this world.

I like tech and I like Bodybuilding.
Those are also my greatest Hobby's.

Sorry, I haven't done that much lately for the mobile industry.

As far as bodybuilding goes, you can follow me and if you found my info useful then I am happy that it had a positive influence on your life.

Thank you for visiting my page.

Peace and Respect.

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