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CoreyR Jackson
Gratitude and Positive Self Growth Pave The Way To All Success...Cheers ! "CaliCore3"
Gratitude and Positive Self Growth Pave The Way To All Success...Cheers ! "CaliCore3"

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Thank You All For The Invite....
Cheers !!!

Hello again Bess...Another wonderful community created by another wonderful woman. Thanks for everything. Here comes 2013. I've never really made any " Resolutions " I believe it to be a daily operation but I am certain that this New Year will bring blessings to all those whom are open to them. Happy Thursday ! Cheers !

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Thank you Bess and the new community you have created here in Gplus. I've got to tell ya that over the past few months and since having a personal one on one coaching session with yourself. Amazing things have begun to unfold. Do you remember that gentleman who was on your GPlus Hangout with Don & Nancy Failla ( 80,000 strong ) ? He showed up near the end of the show to both introduce and "voice" himself ??? We'll a couple months later and can you recognize that man on the left along with " the craziest " 83 year old marketer around and a Mr. Frank Van Zon aka " The Dutch Marketer " ? Let's talk again soon Bess. Thanks again for the invite. Looking forward ! Cheers !

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Corey R Jackson11:30 AM  -  Google Mail  -  Public
" The Best Marketer of All Time " ( And The Craziest ) " But What The Heck Does That Mean ??? " 

Thanks for the invite Neil. Cheers !

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Guess Who Will Be Making An Appearance ( Or Should I Say Voicing An Appearance ) In The Near Future..Stay Tuned My Friends. Stay Tuned..

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