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Full Service Hawaii Architect - Please feel free to look at my website and portfolio. Mahalo!
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Mark Eyler - Architect. Custom Home Building and Architectural Design
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Really nice work. If you ever have a need for pervious surfaces I invite you to take a look at our website. We use recycled glass and stone to create porous pavements that are much more effective than porous asphalt and pervious concrete. Our pavements are also very attractive and would complement your beautiful homes. 
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Have you seen the Hawaiian sea turtles! One more great thing about Hawaii!
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When I was staying at my Kauai vacation rental I walked over to the nearby beach and right there near the shore I saw a huge sea turtle. I couldn’t believe it was so close! I was so fascinated that I wanted to learn more about these gentle marine reptiles that are so common seen in Hawaiian waters. Hawaiian Green sea turtles weigh only about 1 ounce at birth, but adults may weigh up to 500 pounds. Read more:
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Art and Architecture - Thanks for sharing!
Pop Up Architecture Inspired by Urban Landscapes
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Obamas Returning to the Islands for Holidays!
First family plans another Christmas in Hawaii
President Barack Obama is reportedly looking to continue his annual family tradition of vacationing in Hawaii for the holidays.
Read more:
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Building A Home-How Much Will It Cost?
Estimating Building Costs Is Key To Successful Project
At the early stages of the home building process you should decide on what type of home you would like to build, and then estimate the cost to see if your expectations are reasonable for your budget. Here are things to consider as you estimate the cost of building your home.
Square Footage-Calculate the square footage of the home you wish to build. Then find some new homes in the area and see what they are selling for. Compare the home prices to the cost of building a new home.
Contractors-Check with local builders to see what they charge for similar homes. How much do they usually charge per square foot? Ask them what is included in the price they charge. Do they have a list of materials they typically use for building?
Pricing Options-Understand which home feature. Read more:
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Custom Homes in the Islands! Fine #Architecture  by Mark Eyler, Architect - Thanks for sharing!
Kauai Homes by #Architect  Mark Eyler - Please give me a call for all of your architectural needs and any questions you may have about building your dream home in the Islands. Aloha!
Pupane Estates, Kauai, Hawaii  - Architect design incorporates Plantation Style in this beautiful home set upon 3 acres. See more photos:
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Quite the #Hawaii   #CircleShare  - Aloha!
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Custom Homes in #Hawaii by #Architect Mark Eyler. Please see more photos of this #Kauai home on my website portfolio (link below). Thanks very much!
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Hawaii Plantation Style Architecture - Custom Homes in the Islands!
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Fine #Hawaii  Homes by #Architect  Mark Eyler - Please see my portfolio. Thanks!
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Adventures On #Kauai  - Thanks for sharing!
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6 Fun Ways To Enjoy Kauai - Garden Island Activities Provide Memorable Adventures!
Hike to Hanakapiai Beach on the on the Na Pali Coast - This is a great way to get a glimpse of the #NaPaliCoast without having to endure all of the rigors of the 11-mile Kalalau Trail. The two mile hike into the first valley, Hanakapiai is a nice day hike with great views. If you are more adventurous you can hike another two miles up the Hanakapiai River to the awesome Hanakapiai Waterfall. Read more:
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Nice #SantaFe   #Architecture   #Photography  - Thanks for sharing!
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Santa Fe’s Historic Adobe Architecture

One characteristic of Santa Fe that makes it stand out among other cities is the same thing that doesn’t stand out: its architectural style. The distinctive low-profile adobe buildings are made of earth and sun-dried straw. They come in a variety of soft earthen tones and have flat roofs and soft rounded corners making them blend in to the gentle slopes of the mountains surrounding the city.

From Albuquerque, we did a day trip into Santa Fe to explore the city and to meet up with fellow photographer Jackson Frishman, who was kind enough to treat us to a great lunch at The Shed, a well known local restaurant, and show us around town. Thanks Jackson!

While the architectural style was once simply a shared aesthetic, it is now required by law that new buildings and any renovations adhere to this specific style making the new appear old.
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Fine Homes in the Islands - Custom Home on Kauai by Architect Mark Eyler
Custom Home on the Garden Island of Kauai - Mark Eyler, Architect
Irons Residence, Kauai, Hawaii 2011 - This tropical modern home is set on the idyllic north shore of Kauai. The #architecture and #interiordesign blends Balinese and Asian elements with a contemporary international style - think five-star spa. See more photos:
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Very nice!!
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Contact Information
Map of the business location
5150 Hanalei Plantation Rd Princeville, HI 96722
5150 Hanalei Plantation RoadUSHawaiiPrinceville96722
Landscape Designer

Hawaii Architects and Landscape Design serves the Hawaiian Islands: Kauai, Oahu (from Honolulu to the North Shore to Kailua and Kaneohe), Maui (Kaanapali, Kapalua, Lahaina, Kihei, Wailea), Molokai, Lanai and the Big Island of Hawaii (from Kona to Hilo).

Hawaii Architects and Landscape Design has both licensed Architects and Landscape Architects in the State of Hawaii on its staff. Since the firm provides both architectural and landscape expertise, the results is a product which blends the built environment into its natural surroundings with a unified design vision.

Hawaii Architects and Landscape Design offers a full range of architectural and landscape design services:

Site Selection

Assist the client in initial site selection to identify the opportunities and constraints of the site with the building and site programming in mind.

Site Analysis

Identify the special features and physical characteristics of the site which will influence the construction techniques and identify potential use areas.  Proper site analysis will enhance the site’s unique features and mitigate the site constraints while taking advantage of the natural processes of solar exposure and natural ventilation.

Building and Site Programming

Working with the client to distill the project into its key building components and exterior uses, the building is described by the number and type of rooms desired and landscape features are defined.

Site Planning

The project site is defined by it component uses and design elements are given physical form.  All immediate and future uses are given a location on the site. Construction phases are identified.  Site access, easements and lot lines are determined.  Preliminary landscaping is represented.  Site planning optimally takes place after programming and conceptual design phases have been completed.

Budget Analysis / Cost Estimating

At each phase of design construction costs are applied to the designs and compared to the construction budget.  The designs are refined so that construction costs align with the budget, or the client is made aware that the budget needs to increase to meet the client’s project goals.  The final material selections are incorporated into ultimate cost analysis.

Schematic Design

The first designs are sketched out to give representational shape and form to functions defined during the programming.  The use areas are preliminarily located on the site to identify the optimal location for those specific uses.

Conceptual Design

The successful schematic design solution is refined by sculpting the forms of the use areas into its unique location on the site.  In this preliminary stage of design the relationship of compatible uses area strengthened while incompatible uses are distanced from each other.

Design Development

The client-approved Conceptual Design begins to take its final form and dimension. Building techniques and architectural styles are applied to the designs.  Initial selection of the building materials and finishes are explored.  Major client-initiated changes to the Design Development plans are billed as additional services to the contract.

3D Computer Rendering

Additional service provided on request which utilizes 3D computer software to render the Design Development plan in three dimensions.  The interactive design tool allows the architect and client to realistically view the building and major landscape features from any perspective and refine design elements and material selections.

Construction Documents

Construction plans which are bid by the contractor and become contract documents.  The Design Development drawings are mapped into essential drawing series to become construction drawings consisting of several plans, exterior and interior elevations and details which are needed by the contractor to accurately bid and construct the various project elements.

Construction Specifications

Additional service provided upon request which describes in written format the quality of materials and finishes to be bid by the contractor used on the project.  Construction Specifications become contract documents.

Permit Facilitating

Submitting design review drawings and construction documents to required planning agencies and engineering departments for planning and building permits.  The architects at Hawaii Architects and Landscape Design have experience in permitting all types of projects and expediting your project through local agency and governmental approval processes.

Cost and Value Engineering

Reviewing construction documents to identify means to reduce construction costs by simplifying designs to allow less costly construction techniques to be employed, and/or by substituting high cost materials for lesser cost materials.  Cost and value engineering may be performed before, during or after bidding to reduce construction costs when cost overruns are identified.

Contractor Selection and Negotiation

Assist during bidding to identify lowest responsible bidder, make recommendations for contractor selections based on contractor’s track record; and negotiate with contractor using cost and value engineering techniques to bring project bids in line with the project budget.

Construction Administration and Observation

Services provided during construction which provide clarification drawings as required, revision drawings when necessary.  The architect visits the construction site on a regular basis to observe the progress of construction and note if the construction documents are being followed, to document the progress of construction, and to address contractor questions posed on the site.

Project Management / Coordination of Consultants

Service provided whereby the architect acts as the prime consultant and assembles a design team of consisting of landscape architects, engineers, interior designers and other consultants required for the project and coordinates their efforts.

Custom Home Building

The vast majority of homes designed by Hawaii Architects and Landscape Design are custom homes.  Clients seek out the regional knowledge and unique talents of the architects at Hawaii Architects and Landscape Design to create their dream home.

Rainwater Harvesting and Irrigation Design

Irrigation system which captures rainwater and/or stormwater run-off; stores the water in ponds or cisterns and reuses the water for landscape planting irrigation.

Landscape Design

Landscape Architecture providing a complete site design package including Site Materials and Construction Plans; Site Grading and Drainage; Planting Design.  Included in the Landscape Design are site feature such as swimming pool and spas, ponds and water features; Botanical Gardens; Golf Course design; Sustainable site design; Agricultural plot design.

As-Built Drawings

Service provided during and after construction to document the as-built condition of the constructed building.  Documents deviations from the contract documents and revisions during construction.  Locates hidden and/or buried items necessary for future relocations and remodeling.

Online Consulting

Service provided over the internet using sketches and emails to provide advice to homeowners managing their home construction and remodeling projects.

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Patrick Radis
2 years ago
Great Hawaii architects. I really appreciated their friendliness and willingness to consult with us about exactly what we envisioned. When it comes to the actual architecture and landscape design they are geniuses. Really happy with their work and professionalism.