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finding me :
journey of self-discovery. Life
is as muddled as it always has been and I was alittle very tired. It was
then I started to question my self-existence. I once got on this taxi where the
driver kept preaching about Christianity, and somewhat questioned me...
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BHcosmetics x Bubzbeauty Palette - First Impression
everyone, so today I will be sharing my First Impressions and swatches of the
“Be..” by Bubzbeauty Palette. This
is requested on my askfm, but I do not remember telling anyone else I got the
palette. DISCLAIMER:
I am not anyone professional, all opinions...
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death of a sinner ; rebirth of a kind
There was once in my life I convinced myself to
be a certain type of person and live a certain type of way in order not to be a
disappointment. Those things, obviously does not go against my morals and
beliefs but it slowly suffocated me. It’s literally lik...
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June 2016 Beauty Favourites
Hi everyone! I haven’t done favourites in awhile so I thought I
would show you some of the beauty products that I have been reaching in for!   Carli Bybel - BH cosmetics natural lighting room light The first one is the Carli Bybel palette. This is
my everyd...
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to the person that hurt me the most:
If you ever hurt me, please just completely break
me into pieces that can never be fixed. Make me hate you, make me want you to not be in my
circle anymore, make me so angry that I can kill you. Be someone that I would
regret so much being together with so ...
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“Polytechnic is very fun” is a propaganda. All
those that you heard about, not needing to go school, and everything is just
butterflies and colours and fun. It’s not true. Every
institution has their own policy and their rules. With my school, fai...
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Dating in Secondary School or
Middle School or High School. (Depends on your area, since I have readers from
other countries) Hello, if this is your first
blog post of mine, or you just stumble across this post, or your friend asked
you to check out my post...
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I just lost my precious mousepad. I am not a happy girl right now.
(WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY) For people who are extremely curious about my life.
Let me just tell you what is going on. Every morning, yes I still wake up in the
morning, I wake up and wash up and MAKE...
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Those nights where your mind just goes uncontrollably wild. Those nights where your eyes lets you see all those truths you have been avoiding. Those nights where your mouth said spiteful words that you don't mean. Those nights where your hands are scarred a...
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Demon High School - CHAPTER 1
“I can’t do this anymore… at this rate, I will be dead
before I should be.” My mana is decreasing, “fucking shit, I should have not
slacked off physical classes.” The barrier isn’t gonna withstand much longer, I know
it. The signs of cracking everywhere alo...
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