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Balakrishna Jayasimha BK
International Rebirthing and Yoga Coach, Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Speaker and Writer
International Rebirthing and Yoga Coach, Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Speaker and Writer

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Dance of Emotions - Part -2: The Journey continues!
My fear says this post is long, don't read, Love says, read, this post it can make you strong! My EGO befriends Fear, My becoming unconditional manifests Love. Being vulnerable I seek, Wanting answers shuts the door to me receiving. When I am dependent, I a...

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Dance of Emotions.....My continuing self Inquiry
Fear and Love the two operative emotions at play right now. Fear based on the EGO, looking for mind attached answers, wanting outcomes! Love, asserting deeper vulnerability and becoming unconditional. EGO based on expectations and Love based on acceptance! ...

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Divine Grace.....My 5 days of Inquiry!
When you deep dive within and discover: Don't deny When you are denied your need to discover: Don't Suppress Denial and Suppression are giving-in, Giving-in is Separation. Separation has its roots entrenched in Fear Fear from your 'self' and fear from the '...

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The Personal ROI - Now Available
Dear all, The reprints of 'The Personal ROI' has reached Amazon as of now. It would be available online from this evening at 2000 hrs. For those who missed out on buying it last time, go ahead and do so. Thank You all for making it a best seller in 24 hrs o...

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The Journey of Rebirthing Breath Work!
Tucked away in the foetal locus of control, forehead and knees locked as a whole, arms locked around the knees, realising that you are pure, whole and complete. You are divine love encompassed in the divine vortex of unity not separation, chipping away at t...

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The Personal ROI-A Amazon best seller!
Dear all, its been overwhelming. The response for the book. We have run out of copies on Amazon and have asked for a re-print. It will be available shortly. The book is at #2 in the new age category and #60 amongst all books on Amazon. Thanks once again for...

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The Personal ROI now available on Amazon!
Hi all, The Personal ROI is now available on Amazon. Get your copy now! A special launch discount of 50% is applicable for today! Click on the link below:

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The Personal ROI - Launch on Amazon @ 1800 hrs today!
The much awaited launch is here!..The Personal ROI The time is today @ 1800 hrs IST on Amazon. I will put up the links as soon as we are ready. Happy reading folks. Stay tuned

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Psychological Time - The Personal ROI
Understanding ‘Time’ in a new light Time is challenging for most of us. Here is a snippet from the chapter on Psychological time from the book The Personal ROI   At the end of the previous
chapter, the palpable thought in your monkey mind is, ‘All this will...

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The Personal ROI - To be published soon!
Hi all, the book has gone to the printers and should be out very soon. Meanwhile, get sample chapters of the book The Personal ROI. Click on the link below, subscribe and get updates on the launch date!
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