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Is the cloud honeymoon over?  Google closing down Reader has me thinking that I may need to take ownership of my email, documents and so forth again.  Maintain a personal domain that may link to Google services for now but offer the ability to move in and out of various services, migrating my data and so forth over time.  It was a great 7 or 8 years of worry free computing... but I may have to be my own admin again.

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I highly recommend this very very short video.  2 minutes!  Multitasking is bad.  And how to single task (work in ~20 minute increments): Clifford Nass: Multi-tasking is Bad for Your Brain

His other (much longer videos) are good too.

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Um.  Yeah.
Going from DOS to Linux is like trading a glider for an F117.
Any questions?

Apparently I just noticed this G+ Ripples feature for popular posts.  These are some awesome graphs.

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I used to demo facial recognition at Intel Labs, so this new user profiling coffee machine is something I've been waiting for:

The vending machine is really doing something a competent barista would do without thinking about it too much.

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Adding insult to injury.  An interesting read about a horrible IT project in Romney's world.

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I received my new Samsung processor (ARM) Chromebook on Thursday.  Linked is my overall view and notes as I tried different sites/apps.

Many folks, me included, have forecasted a possible innovator’s dilemma with Intel in the consumer computer space.  ARM processors are rising up to meet the basic web needs of the everyman consumer, and it’s foreseeable that Intel could be forced to retreat upmarket to servers at some point.  The new Samsung Chromebook might be the first reasonable example of this actually starting to happen in a laptop form factor.  While Intel is marketing the $1000 ultrabooks, Google and Samsung are trying to sneak into the market with a $249 toy laptop.  It’s interesting to note however that a market disrupting product is usually a toy version that grows up and takes over.

Professional users, developers, creatives and so on are probably too tied into the local app model today to adopt Chrome OS.  As more folks move to a primary web-based app model though, the simplicity and cost of Chrome OS may attract more and more users.  New technology products first attract innovators and then early adopters, and it’s interesting to think about what it would take to get Chrome OS from the experimenters (today) to the mainstream.  Google’s brand name, its Gmail and Chrome products and their marketplace recognition create the possibility of an ARM/Linux/BrowserOS disruption.  It just might still happen.

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I vote against buying a Macbook Pro 13" Retina.  There is no way I'm going to pay $1699 for a laptop labeled PRO with an Intel graphics card that is trounced by the bottom end discrete Nvidia product:

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