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We at Solar Living are celebrating 40 years helping the NJ area solar community significantly lower their utility costs for domestic water heating and pool heating. Since 2005, when we acquired AEEC of Wyckoff, we have been providing design, install and service of solar electric systems.

Learn more about our "Better than free" solar electric solutions where you can EARN money from a solar electric system that is YOUR asset. USA manufactured quality components, 25 year microinverter warranty for low maintenance and peace of mind. No cost, no obligation free comparison of any free solar offer. Just contact us to learn what free solar will cost you in the long run.

Or our solar pool heating solutions where Every degree is free(R). (973)691-8483

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Solar Living, Inc.
March 21 at 10:06am ·
Have owned the solar living pool heating system for 14 years now, virtually trouble free. I have a difficult time writing a recommendation for something I've had installed for three months, however, no trouble recommending Solar Living. Cost to install was comparable to gas and electric, however, no ongoing cost for usage, unlike gas and electric. 15x30 Pool, which partially sits in shade, and will not go above 75 without heat, will heat up to 90+ degrees if not regulated during the summer. If there is no sun for a week, it takes only a day to get the temperature up to the 83 comfort level. Have to have the system removed for a new roof today. Thanks, Solar Living, for your help and comfort.

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This new #solar  electric system completed in Branchburg, NJ will help offset nearly 75% of this home's annual electric bill.  Instead of going the "free solar" lease option where you own nothing and save less, this homeowner chose ownership with $0 down and 2.99% interest with fixed monthly payments for 12 years.  They will own the SRECs, and the revenue that comes with them, at current pricing can be up to $1200+ annually IN ADDITION to the electric bill savings.  

Made in the USA SolarWorld modules, EnPhase M250 micro inverters for safety and module level performance monitoring over the internet with the EnVoy communication system.

Contact Solar Living to learn how you can have a better than free solar system for your home or business.  (973)691-8483 or

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Installed in 2012, this #solar   #swimmingpool   #heating  system is providing free degrees to this beautiful +Anthony & Sylvan Pools +Anthony Sylvan pool in North Wales, PA.  There is a natural gas furnace that is used only to heat the spa at night (when there is no solar energy), but the solar pool heating system maintains mid-80 degree temps all season long without ANY energy bill.  Every degree is free(tm) with solar pool heating system designs by Solar Living. (973)691-8483

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To heat your pool or not heat your pool.  Many factors to consider.
What is safe?  How much does it cost?  How long will it last?  How often does it need service?

#solar   #pool  heating systems are safe.  There is no combustible fuel

Every degree is free(tm) with solar pool heating because there is no fuel other than the free energy delivered by the sun.  If someone accidentally leaves the thermostat all the way up on a solar pool heating system, the free energy bill is the same, unlike gas, propane, electric or oil heating systems.

When properly designed and installed, solar pool heating can have almost no maintenance costs.  No need to maintain perfectly balanced pH (if you can swim in it, it will not harm the solar heating panels)

Solar pool heating collectors can be used to cool your pool down if it gets too warm.  Cannot do that with a traditional furnace or heat pump.

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Village Grande (an active adult community) in Holmdel, NJ clubhouse solar pool heating system installed prior to Memorial Day 2015.  The association board was looking at a natural gas pool furnace and bids to run only the gas line came in around $10,000.  Furnace would easily add another $3000+ with installation and that is before it's turned on and starts burning dollar bills to increase the pool temperature.
Solar Living assessed the site and designed this system , fully installed with automatic controls for under $10,000.  and EVERY DEGREE IS FREE(tm).
Following up today to see how the summer went and the board President said it was a great season.  More people used the pool than any season prior and the pool reached 90 degrees before they had to turn the temperature dial down on the control because it got too warm.
If you live in a community with a clubhouse pool that is too cold, call Solar Living.
If you are a member of a town pool and it's too cold, call Solar Living.
If you have a pool in your yard you don't use because it's too cold, you know who to call.  (973)691-8483 or email
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Blast from the past.  This is a picture of the side of one of our #solar #pool #heating customer's house after Hurricane Sandy.
A tree branch fell on the gas line coming out of the side of the house to the backup pool heater and a spark ignited the gas.  This fire burned for hours while the family was inside.  They did not hear it because the noise from the high winds muffled the sound of the gas burning, until morning.  They evacuated the house and the fire department did a great job minimizing the extent of fire damage to the home
The pipes on the side are supply and return lines for the solar pool heating system on the roof.  There was little damage to the solar pool heating system by  this event, mostly from tree debris that fell on the panels and replacing the melted pipe and burned roof sensor wire.
Traditional gas pool heater versus Solar pool heating
Solar pool heating does not burn fuel, and therefore is safer than a furnace versus the possibility of this happening to a gas heater
Solar pool heating uses the free energy delivered by the sun, so Every degree is free(tm) versus paying a small fortune every month to get heat out of a furnace into your pool water
Solar pool heating collectors do not rust and pit if you don't keep the PH of your pool absolutely neutral.  If you can swim in it, these collectors can take it versus premature failure of the heat exchanger in a furnace that can cause leaks.
But the most significant part of a solar pool heating system that makes it so effective is the INSTALLER. 
With over 38 years and more than 1500 solar pool heating systems installed in the tri-state area, nobody matches the quality and experience of Solar Living, (973)691-8483
Share with all of your friends, whether they have a pool or not, because we also provide solar electric and solar domestic water heating solutions.
#swimming #poolheater #furnace #naturalgas #propane

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#solar #swimming  #pool  #heating system ground rack structure being constructed by Solar Living, Inc.  The roof is the most common place to install solar pool heating collectors, but when it's too far away from the filter, or the homeowner doesn't want it installed on the roof, we have this option.  Built to withstand the heavy snow in the winter and the winds of the year, this can provide years of free heat to the pool.
Every degree is free(tm) with most of our designs.  Call to learn how you can take advantage of the free degrees for your pool. (973)691-8483


Time lapse of a ground rack structure to be used for #solar   #swimming   #pool   #heating  collectors.
Links to our Facebook post.

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#Solar   #Swimming   #Pool   #heating  system in Jackson, NJ  Every degree is free(tm) with most of our designs, and is the case in this one.  Solar Industries collectors collect the free degrees.  Pentair Pool Products SolarTouch control  and Hayward GVA actuator provide the automation.  Existing filter pump provides the water flow.
Call us to get your free degrees.  (973)691-8483
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