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The Electronic Privacy Information Center requests that the Federal Trade Commission investigate Facebook's recent and proposed changes.

"Dear Mr. Chairman and Members of the Commission:

In light of recent changes announced by Facebook that impact the privacy interests of
almost two hundred million Facebook users in the United States, we would like to bring your
attention to new privacy and security risks to American consumers, the secret use of persistent
identifiers (“cookies”) to track the Internet activity of users even after they have logged off of
Facebook, and the company‟s failure to uphold representations it has made regarding its
commitments to protect the privacy of its users..."

Dear Authors,

If you are going to state the specs of a computer which your character is using... don't piss off your reader by just making shit up... take the 30seconds it takes and google that shit.

The 2001 Apple iBook 600 didn't have 420mb of RAM, it had 128mb... and I'm even straining the combinations in my head how you could even reach 420 on a single slot board with the only upgrade possibility being the addition of 512mb SO-DIMM...

I realize not all of you are good with computers out there... but seriously... by now you should have figured out search engines.

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Alrighty people of the world,

After much ado and requests for pictures from the honeymoon and the retreat and all things between, I went and got me a pro-Flickr account and loaded over 5GB of pictures to the bad boy...

Check it out and leave comments if you see something you like.

Be kind :) Ann and I wouldn't even begin to qualify as novices in the field of photographer.

Breaking in the Homebrew equipment this evening with my friend Randy Denman

(Chicken Breast + Kitchen Shears)^applied knowledge=home made boneless chicken wings... MMMMMGood

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On the subject of Pandora this morning, I'm enjoying the M.I.A. Radio I made.!/stations/play/378515102731272513

Dear Christians,

You can't gain preference for your theory by stating another opposing theory is "just a theory"... You sound stupid. In more ways than one.
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