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was macht A1 schon wieder mit dem DSL?
alle paar minuten down.
nachdem zuletzt der nameserver den geist aufgegeben hat, jetzt das.
würd mich interessieren ob ich der einzige mit diesen problemen bin.
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Originally shared by ****
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Ein Tag beginnt schlecht, wenn man auf dem Arbeitsweg 2x vollständig das Ö1 Morgenjournal hört. :-(. Edit: Wobei das nicht am Ö1 Morgenjournal liegt! #schnee #verkehr #pendeln_sucks
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Bitte bei Interesse das zitierte Posting lesen und nicht gleich "ach schon wieder ein meeting-basher" abwinken.
Provokante, für mich neue Forderungen (max 1 h, just optional, missionstmt statt Agenda, ...).
CodingHorror - Blog-Empfehlung.
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Really, Google is evil now? Let's Get Real. How About Apple?

I just came across this story:

Google’s Broken Promise: The End of "Don’t Be Evil"
JAN 24, 2012

I have to confess that I find the furor to be overblown.

Collecting data isn't evil. It's the currency of the future, a currency that we provide in order to buy useful services, many of which can ONLY be provided if that data is aggregated and analyzed and made relevant. There are evil things that you can do with that data, but just collecting it isn't evil. I wish people would avoid the linkbait headlines unless they have evidence that Google is actually doing bad things with that data.

If you want an example of a company that is doing "evil", consider Apple. I was horrified when I heard Mike Daisey, author of the one-man show "The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs," talking on This American Life about working conditions in the factories that make the iPhone and iPad, and Apple's tepid monitoring of those conditions. When a company has $98 billion in cash, and profits of tens of billions of dollars each quarter, does it really need to squeeze every last cent out of manufacturing costs?

The account of how Apple's factories substituted n-hexane, a neurotoxin with well-documented long term adverse health effects, for alcohol to wipe those shining screens clean, gaining a miniscule advantage in drying time but exposing workers to a lifetime of disablement, nearly brought me to tears.

That's evil. Of course, Apple never promised to do no evil, so they get a free pass.

Journalists should listen to this episode, and then write about that, please:
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"...Dolphin 2.0 ... als Highlight ..." - congrats to +Peter Penz :-)
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new years resolution: use correct upper/lowercase and spelling in email, blog, coments, .... #epicfail
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faszinierende idee: keine "internen" emails mehr.
What would your work day be like with no email? Last summer, I read about Thierry Breton's declaration that Atos (Europe's largest IT services firm) is going to stop using email internally, and it totally ruined my ability to engage with my email because I couldn't rationalize it any more.

Atos found there employees received 100+ internal emails a day, spent 15-20 hours per week triaging them (often at home), and in the end, only about 10-15% were valuable. WOW. Talk about wasting people's lives. Well, as soon as I learned this, it became very difficult for me to force myself to read my email as diligently as I had for years - I get a true flood of it and it takes hours a day to truly keep up with.

It's been a really liberating last few months since I stopped using email in the traditional way. People generally IM me now if they really need to get a hold of me or (shocking I know... ) talk to me in person. I still use my email as a "knowledge repository" as I frequently will go search across it if someone mentions an email to me.

I will admit though, I made a new year's resolution to try to get back into answering at least some of my email again - Google definitely hasn't followed Atos' lead yet. :-)

Atos boss Thierry Breton defends his internal email ban
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fascinating read! esp. for parents :-).
What's your favorite mind hack to expose kids to? A more positive follow up on earlier... :-) I'm a big proponent of hacking one's mind, and one of the most exciting things I ever read was this passage on the power of teaching kids that their minds can grow. It's kinda amazing.

" Life Sciences is a health-science magnet school with high aspirations but 700 students whose main attributes are being predominantly minority and low achieving. Blackwell split her kids into two groups for an eight-session workshop. The control group was taught study skills, and the others got study skills and a special module on how intelligence is not innate. These students took turns reading aloud an essay on how the brain grows new neurons when challenged. They saw slides of the brain and acted out skits. “Even as I was teaching these ideas,” Blackwell noted, “I would hear the students joking, calling one another ‘dummy’ or ‘stupid.’ ” After the module was concluded, Blackwell tracked her students’ grades to see if it had any effect.

It didn’t take long. The teachers—who hadn’t known which students had been assigned to which workshop—could pick out the students who had been taught that intelligence can be developed. They improved their study habits and grades. In a single semester, Blackwell reversed the students’ longtime trend of decreasing math grades.

The only difference between the control group and the test group were two lessons, a total of 50 minutes spent teaching not math but a single idea: that the brain is a muscle. Giving it a harder workout makes you smarter. That alone improved their math scores.*"*
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