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No longer a member of the WI
It has been a good run, I have done what I can, learnt what I can, made new friends and learnt how to bake, I think that is all in all a good learning curve and I will miss parts of it but I feel I have no time, my brain is full of kids, work, driving and r...

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This is just a quick update just to show off my one minute wonder. Someone asked if I could try doing a fuchsia from 100 flowers to knit and crochet byLesley Stanfield, I wasn't holding out for anything wonderful, in fact I was a little concerned that I had...

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Arrrr yeah!
If I can just take a pass on, you know, everything. That'd be great.

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Sorry this is from The Mirror but I will not let this slide. It is one thing for a Tory Government to get in by a fluke but a totally different matter trying to enforce their corrupt ideals on the people. Please sign.

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Book Group - September 2013
whaaaa! I just realised that I have not done my update for book group, considering that this month is actually two books that I want to r...

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Not quite got used to this Google+ but I'm sure I will get there :)
 Hi waves

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I did it!! Socks a-hoy!!!!
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