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Nick Stringer
Design engineer, guitarist and general geek.
Design engineer, guitarist and general geek.

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Good news everyone!

No, really, great news! It's just the beginning, but promising to see that we're making some progress as a society.

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"We wanted to output display and charge at the same time, so we put one port on either side of your Chromebook Pixel"


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Guy makes LED change colour depending on wifi signal at a point, keeps playing with it for long enough to create crazy 3D representation of signal strength.

This is really interesting stuff - for most people (i.e. those not developing wireless antennae) it's difficult to imagine what RF waves look like in the real world. The principles of the setup are pretty simple, but the results are fascinating.

Edit: Check out this link for the 3D visualisation shown in the video:

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Driverless cars hit the roads in UK cities | Guardian Tech ►

Driverless cars are coming to the streets of Britain or at least to the pavements of Milton Keynes and Greenwich in London.
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Transport correspondent Gwyn Topham takes a look at two trials of autonomous vehicles, one in Milton Keynes with the LUTZ Pathfinder pod and the GATEway shuttle project in Greenwich, London.

#driverlesscars #driverlessvehicle #lutzpathfinder #gateway #technology #technews  

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Oh, ok. Well that's that wrapped up then...

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A gif of the failed +SpaceX Falcon 9 stage 1 soft landing attempt (image credit to +The Verge).

Despite the obvious fireball, the images show just how close the team got to the intended goal. Pretty impressive stuff, and very exciting for the future of space travel.

Edit: ...and here's the video of it!
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This is disappointing, if not hugely unsurprising. Unfortunately I can't see a significant enough proportion of the electorate caring about this to force opposition to the idea.
WTF? David Cameron vows to ban TLS (and any other type of encryption MI5 can't read) if reelected.

Yes, he said that.

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Thanks to you, we’re halfway to our goal of matching $7.5 million in donations to fight Ebola!

It’s not to late to donate -- for every $1 you give, we’ll donate $2 to four nonprofits doing humanitarian work in West Africa →


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Idea: +Valve should create a +Steam in home streaming app for +Android TV (depending obviously on whether the hardware is up to it).

The Nexus Player will be a cheap purchase, and having support for gamepads could make it an interesting streaming solution.
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