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Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Training Course in Lagos Nigeria
Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Training Course in Lagos Nigeria

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TALENT hits a target no-one else can hit;
GENIUS hits a target no-one else can see.

- Arthur Schopenhauer

"Trying to tell if someone is misleading you with statistics without training is like trying to tell if someone is lying when they are speaking a language you don't understand."

- Peter Flom
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There are certain things speakers/presenters do that could damage their credibility in front of the audience. Some of those things are content oriented, and some are not. 

One of them is: Apologising to Your Audience. 

Now, this is not to say that it's utterly bad to apologise. The key thing here is to know when to say sorry to your audience and when to simply ignore and move on. 

For example, if you had planned a PowerPoint presentation to include a sound-clip or a voice-over (tricky thing to do; be careful!), when you get to that part of the presentation and your clip fails to play, should you apologise to the audience about it, or just move on as if nothing happened? 

This can go two ways. 

ONE, if the audience DO NOT KNOW about the clip and there is no way for them to know that something is missing, then you should simply get on with your presentation and leave out that "Oh, I'm sorry that audio clip is not coming up". 

Why? Because by apologising for your error, you are actually drawing your audience's attention to something that they DIDN'T even notice! 

SECOND, on the other hand, if the failure of the clip leaves a big hole in the continuity of your presentation (depending on what function it was meant to perform), then you should consider tendering an apology. That is the polite thing to do. 

There are other instances when things could go wrong during a presentation. Remember Murphy's Law? It says: "If Anything Could Go Wrong, It Will". So don't ever be too sure nothing unexpected will happen (even your laptop could crash on the morning of an important presentation). 

The simple advise to follow is this: withhold your apology if you're sure the audience cannot notice the flaw/error/omission, or whatever. You'd only be calling their attention to your (apparently) poor preparation and then your precious reputation as an expert/professional might come under heavy gun fire! 

But, what happens if you completely mis-judge the audience's perception and fail to apologise for something that even a blind man in the audience could see is missing or very wrong with your presentation (the classical elephant in the room)? God help you! 

Have you had reason to apologise to your audience during a presentation? What went wrong? Share your comments below.

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Join #LiveSpeech in LAGOS for a 2-day instructor-led training Workshop in public speaking to improve presentation clarity, structure and confidence. 

Come learn how to prepare and deliver more articulate presentations using effective techniques to highlight your purpose/message, be more concise (on-point), and cut down wasteful presentation preparation time. 

Registration is in progress. You can join either the weekend or weekday programme coming up as follows (pick one). 

- A) 13th & 20th DEC (weekends) 
- B) 16th - 17th DEC (weekdays) 

Participants at this 2-day training will make individual presentations in front of the class and have their performances critiqued on video playback against a set of performance criteria! Certificates of participation will be given at the end of training. 

Don't miss this December opportunity to develop or revamp your public speaking skills ahead of the new year. Very limited spaces available. 

To get started, please click the link below for registration procedure and course outline.

NOTE: This is a practical training. Delegates are expected to come along with a laptop (or tablet) computer for content development training and individual presentation drills. Dress code is formal or corporate. 

CLASS SIZE: Seven (7) delegates, only. 

INQUIRIES: Contact 0818-972-0737 or 

Strictly by registration. Do invite colleagues and friends. 
#LiveSpeechOpenWorkshop     #PresentationSkillsTraining  
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THE BEST PRESENTATION VISUAL AIDS actually make people listen more, by planting questions in their minds and making them want to listen for the answers.

Many presenters spend too much energy on creating PowerPoint slides which are visually dazzling to a point that they obscure the message, much like some of those fantastic TV adverts which are highly memorable, but in the end you have no recollection of what product they were advertising.

Memorable, but ultimately useless. 

And while vision is our most important sense, do not forget that the most important visual aid of all is not the slideshow, it is the speaker -- YOU. 

Your expressions, movements and gestures add meaning and colour to your presentation, and help to make you more convincing and credible. None of these will happen if the audience’s attention is always glued to the screen, as they admire your "designers" slides. 

So the next time you have to give a presentation, make yourself the centre of attention, not your slides. 

Take back power from PowerPoint!

#PowerPoint     #VisualAids     #PresentationDelivery  

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Prince Harry Admits His Fear of Public Speaking: 

He made the confession in a YouTube video as part of the #FeelNoShame campaign for the 2014 World AIDS Day (1st December). In the video he revealed he gets "incredibly nervous" about public speaking and feels very "anxious" facing a room full of people. 
#PublicSpeaking #PublicSpeakingFear

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The Introduction and the Conclusion are two critical components of a speech/presentation. Which one do you believe is MORE critical? Make your choice and tell us why.

Vote now!
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The Introduction (or Opening)
The Conclusion (or Closing)

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The November 2014 Open Workshop for Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Training concluded successfully last Saturday in Lagos. 

Participants at the 2-day programme (1st & 8th NOV) learned how to overcome nervousness in public speaking and how to prepare and develop a concise presentation. 

Participants had the chance to deliver their individual presentations in front of the class and got feedback on their performance for improvement.

Did you wish to attend the training but missed it? Join us for the next edition coming up in December. We have two programmes coming up:

A) Weekend classes: 13th & 20th DEC, 2014.
B) Weekday classes: 16th - 17th DEC, 2014. 

Register for the one that suits you better.

For more details and to find out how you could participate, click here:

Registrations have already started. Book your seat early.
#presentationskills   #publicspeaking   #training   #lagos  
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The 3 P's of success in #PublicSpeaking.
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