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Feature branch flow and Continuous Inspection - Part 1
In this post i will present one approach to Continuous Inspection using SonarQube that uses feature branch flow in Git to prevent technical debt from leaking into a your main branch. The proposed approach presents and solves many of the current limitations ...

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Check out some new features in the VSSonarExtension version 4.0.0

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Improving your gate workflow with action plans and source control support
Today i am going present some new features in 4.0.0 that hopefully will improve the review of introduced debt between gates or versions. Usually before each software version, some companies might go through some quality gate/process to evaluate if the versi...

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Release 0.9.2 of the Sonar C++ Community plugin is now available. Please download at

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I'm very excited to see that Microsoft has finally Open Sourced the.NET Framework (ASP.NET, Entity Framework, etc.) and put it out on +GitHub with the goal of giving access to Developers on the Mac and Linux very soon.

Read more:

They even have a new Pro level FREE Visual Studio "Community Edition" making its debut today. Thank  you +Scott Hanselman 

I'm sure many may know of the existing cross-platform, Open Source version of .NET called Mono that the great people of +Xamarin have been working on so hard over the years to help Developers take their dreams cross-platform (Desktop and Mobile). Hopefully we will be seeing a lot of involvement from +Miguel de Icaza , +Michael Hutchinson , +Ryan Paul , +Jonathan Pryor and the rest of the Xamarin crew with this endeavaor :-)

You can read more about Xamarin's involvement here:

It would be nice some day to install Visual Studio natively on my Mac and knock out the next great Mobile App targeting iOS, Android and Windows Phone :-)

Kudos to Scott Guthrie, +Scott Hanselman , Somasegar and everyone else that made this happen!

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VSSonarQubeExtension 1.4.1 released

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VSSonarQubeExtension 1.4.1, a all new look
Version 1.4.1 has just been release, bringing a all new user interface developed on top of mahapps . This is how it looks now. Additionally  to this, the extension can also be used outside visual studio. A standalone application is available to download her...

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SonarQube C++ Community plugin v0.9.1 has been released, download from

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SonarQube incremental analysis in Visual Studio
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