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Had some fun meeting and chatting with people at OSCON tonight. Love doing things like that!

Google+ REALLY needs concentric circles. I have so many groups that are a subset of a master group. Would make managing them a little easier... I think...

My oldest just showed me Altitude (a game he just purchased on Steam) and said, "I think this is an indie game.". Me being the annoying thought provoking type father I tend to be said, "Oh really? And what makes a game an indie game?" After talking about it for a bit, my son the always logical black and white type thinker he is said, "This is easy. Indie games have less than 100 people in the credits." So I guess there you have it, Indie has nothing to do with style, has nothing to do with the size of the company, nothing to do with how much money was invested in the game, how creative the game is, whether you used to work for a game company and started your own, nope it's none of those things.

100 people or less in the credits, you're indie. More than that you missed the indie boat. End of discussion I guess?

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I'm seeing all this press and love for Spotify. Looking into it, it sounds like it's just the same thing as having a Zune subscription. Is this yet another thing pointing out how poorly Microsoft advertises and markets their own successful products? I'm still shocked at how many people haven't heard of the Zune service or don't know what you can do with it. Yet everyone seems to know about Spotify...

Facebook, Twitter or Google+ It doesn't really matter what the social medium is, I never really have anything of value to share..but I'll share it anyway just because they're there!

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Loving my "No Time to Explain!" wallpaper!

I can't stop watching these fast rap videos...

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