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A Big Change Emerging
A work morning tea cooked with love from scratch. Hi folks Gosh! Over the last 3 months I have experienced the real beginnings of a huge paradigm shift. This has happened a little accidentally and yet somehow it seems to be the right time (when you are read...

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Six Weeks of Being Busy
Minestrone soup and hot cheese scones from scratch for dinner tonight. Hi folks Well it has been an eventful month-and-a-half mainly due to settling an elderly relative back into her home after she had a fall in her bathroom breaking her hip. The last four ...

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I'm A Recovering Consumer Addict
Hi folks Being honest with myself has been deeply meaningful over the last five years - to be specific, I am and always will be a recovering consumerist. I still experience the following dangerous triggers:  The rising feeling of excitement when spending - ...

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Whites - A Fabulous Laundry Tip
Mr HM's laundry room. Here is a repeat of a frugal for you.....seeing it is Friday. Ever have trouble getting whites as white as you would like?  (e.g.
grubby white school socks  – eeewww!!) Try this – I guarantee it works  brilliantly WHITE
ON WHITE 1.    ...

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Vintage Safety Razor Shaving
Double Edge Safety Razor on its stand. Home-made shaving lather ready for action. Hi folks – here is one for the men J The vintage double edge (DE) safety razor is having a comeback.....and about time. The cost benefits as well as superior shaving results a...

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Frugal Anti-static Dryer Sponges
Frugal Anti-static Dryer Sponges - sitting handy on top of the dryer. Hi folks We try not to use the clothes dryer any
more than we absolutely have to. Sun dried clothes are our preference as the
sun deals with many germs, uses no electricity, is quiet and ...

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Frying-pan Swedish Meatballs
I'm resisting the urge to eat directly from the pan! Hi folks Here is the recipe for one of my most favourite comfort foods - Swedish
meatballs. I remember when IKEA first opened up and we ordered Swedish meatballs in their
cafe - oh yum!  We have been know...

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The New Dark Age
Home made chocolates and sweets The new dark ages are upon us - but it
just does not look like it.  For all intents and purposes it seems like an
age of light, knowledge and progress. The dark ages in history are a loose term applied to Europe post the fall...

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Real Wealth
Every dollar counts Hi folks It has been many years since banks were
required to hold the equivalent amount of gold against their paper money - and
it has been many  more  years since coinage was worth in actual
metal value what the amount stamped on it dec...

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Monday Night Gossip
Toby-the-dog looking rather fierce and brave..... It has been a long weekend here in NSW Australia and we have spent it .... painting.  Whilst Mrs HM's biological mum is in hospital with a broken hip (she is doing very well) we have swooped on the opportuni...
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