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If I make it through the rest of this month is gonna be like...
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Gene: It's Avenue Q, meets Caligula, meets a fight outside of a Dairy Queen
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It happens tonight at 8 PM EST
A Summit of Video Marketing Champions

Do you want to get expert advice from top video marketers? We're hosting a digital success summit with a few super smart video marketers, and I’d like you to join us for free:

Myself and +Zane Miller are going to be hosting a round robin discussion with who we consider to be champions of video marketing. The topic will be about the first and most important activity needed to be done in marketing, especially video marketing.

In a word, research.

Marketplace, niche, keyword, competition, SEO… No matter the type, the goal of research is the same; to save time and money. But how do we take what is suggested by experts, and take action?

We’ll be discussing that and more during the summit.

So who’s going to be there to answer your questions about what you need to do to; rank videos on Google, use Adwords for Video, discuss cutting edge YouTube marketing strategies, and what software to use to spy on competition?

You can watch interviews with each champion below, but here’s the line-up:

Peter Drew:
- Developing software for SEO and video marketing for 20 years
- By 2000, within 5 years of starting, he earned 7 figures

Bill Cousins:
- YouTube Video Ranking software (2009)
- Powerful Ranking Advantage

Ray The Video Guy:
- Helping business get leads with online video since 2002
- Moved into YouTube video in 2008

Justin Sardi:
- Jumped into video marketing head first
- Saw the power of YouTube and YouTube ads

What better way to get your business ready for 2017, than to learn the simplest and fastest ways to reach your customers with what’s left of 2016?

Plus it’s free.

Register for the summit now, and benefit from the best advice from the best video marketers online today.
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You're not dreaming. It's finally here.

Content Kingpin!

Still using content farms, spun articles, ezine garbage or whatever else you can get your hands on for content?

How's that working for you?

How are your ranking from those efforts?

Why not give Google what it wants instead?

Fresh, unique, niche-relevant content that's updated on a regular basis.

It's all covered in the new Content Kingpin course just released by Team Mastery PR - a Semantic Mastery venture with some of the foremost content experts in the industry.

But don't take our word for it. Our users are our best testimonial. So take a look at their testimonial videos by clicking on the link and decide for yourself.

Daniel says - "A lot of useful and really detailed training when it comes to generating content. I was struggling finding content for clients before the course. Now I know how to become an active contributor and save money."

Another user says - "I can't say enough about his program. I don't have to keep buying content from article sources. It's giving the search engines what they want. This is an incredible program."

Steve says - "This latest product ranks right up there with the best "[Semantic Mastery] has created. Easily scale and grow your business."

So you can either try to keep gaming Google or you can give Google what it wants. Your choice is simple:
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Here's your chance to get your questions about content creation and strategy answered. Come join us!

Going Live at 4:00 PM EST
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Added photos to Content Kingpin Bonus Q&A Overview - Content Marketing Simplified.
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Now THIS takes me back... All the way to October of 2010.

The stats are nothing compared to what they are now :D
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Added photos to Learn To Outsource, Grow & Scale Your Business - MasterCLASS Jun 29 2016.
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