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FIREWOOD, FIREWOOD, FIREWOOD! We have plenty of top quality, seasoned firewood, aged for a year and ready to burn. Isn't it nice to come home from work, sit down with your honey next to a nice warm fire? But you can't because you didn't order any? Call us, we can deliver and stack it if you so desire. So call us at 718-356-6156 and order your wood today!

At Holly Expert Tree Care Service we 'Go Green' all year 'round. We not only provide the best tree and shrub care that you can get but we use everything that we produce. All materials taken from your property from our tree care operations is our raw material that we transform into usable product!
All of the good hardwood is split and sold as firewood. All of the chips are ground again and sold as mulch.
You want organic? We got organic! We use no chemicals or dye to treat our products.
So if you need firewood or mulch, give us a call at

We at Holly Expert Tree Care Service have been working hard for the past 35 years to bring Staten Islanders quality tree care. Our trained staff attends industry seminars so that we can keep up to date on the latest innovations in the business to bring your trees and landscape the best care available. Our trained staff is led by an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist with over 41 years in the field of horticulture and arboriculture. 

We sell firewood! Top quality, reasonably priced, seasoned hardwood or oak.Yes, you can request oak. We sell cords, half cords or quarter cords. We only sell good hardwoods, no pine, poplar or willow will ever get mixed in. Just call 718-356-6156 and place your order!
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