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Author, Nerfherder, Dude
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Got a painting made of Oberon. You can score a free print this summer:

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I have an Iron Druid short story for you. Not later. Right now.  I hope you dig it.

I commissioned art from Hugo award-winning artist Galen Dara for the cover. All the details are on my blog, which I've linked here. I'd be super grateful to you for spreading the word about it to your friends and fellow IDC fans.

Regarding audio: It's already out there as part of an anthology called Unfettered. The rights were sold to Audible by the editor. I had no control over that decision and they did not hire Luke Daniels, though they did hire some talented dudes. Enjoy! 

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New blog up with updates on four projects plus Iron Druid gift info if you need it:

I'll be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit tomorrow at 7 pm CST. Hope you can swing by and ask a question or just lurk and enjoy!

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I got bloggity about the process of getting the book to the shelf:

I have suddenly become worried about the musicians who play muzak. They must have crippling insecurities. All their other musical friends play FUCKING ROCK AND ROLL, MAN, but they play the equivalent of auditory Jell-O, no edges and absolutely no street cred, just diluted versions of other people's hits. It has to gnaw away at their souls. I hope they're okay. Maybe they compensate by playing hockey and beating the crap out of each other. That's a comforting thought.

Happy book birthday to all my fellow anthologists in Carniepunk! It's available today wherever you get your books—in paper, ebook, or audio! Hope you enjoy the Iron Druid story, "The Demon Barker of Wheat Street," as well as all the other spiffy urban fantasy stories inside! Happy reading!

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Wahoo! New book out tomorrow! Iron Druid spiffiness and more on my blog, including a brief recap of SDCC!

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Cool way to start Comic Con—a picture of Josh, Shannon and Leif cosplaying IDC in Colorado for the Renaissance Faire! 

Today I get to really dive into the Star Wars book. I noodled around a bit last night after I got home, but this morning I'm firing up the soundtrack and I think there will be some unbridled glee. 
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