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God told me to run for President
A friend recently shared this image on social media: I reminds me of the Christian (?) platitude: "Many are called; few are chosen." God: what a dick.

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Socialism, You Probably Didn't Know You Like It.
Socialist: All five branches of the military. NASA. FBI. Homeland
Security. Center for Disease Control. Border Patrol. Fire
Department. NOAA. FAA. FDA. The idea of turning any of these
socialist services over to 'for profit' private firms/cont...

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"IN GOD WE TRUST" wrong and misrepresentative
more ranting about the Missouri Sheriffs Association adding "IN GOD WE TRUST" decals to government vehicles In Aronow v. United States (1970) the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled:    "It is quite obvious that the national motto an...

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** (more on the Jasper County Sheriff's Office adding "IN GOD WE TRUST" decals to government vehicles) Let’s forget for a moment that this is or may be considered
a religious...

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From the facebook page of the Jasper County (Missouri) Sheriff's Office: MEDIA RELEASE The Jasper County Sheriff's Office is very
pleased to announce that we are adding "In God We Trust" decals to the
vehicles in our fleet. The first vehicles have begun t...

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Open letter to Microsoft, mad about hotmail security
This rant at Microsoft has nothing to do with the general theme of this blog.  Yet I feel compelled to give this rant an open and long-term exposure. What idiot is in charge over there this week?   The only reason I chose hotmail many years
ago was the ease...
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