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Ben Hardill
Snowboarding, sailing, swiming, cycling, running, techie problem solver
Snowboarding, sailing, swiming, cycling, running, techie problem solver


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It's been awhile, but what's in the box (gel for scale)

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Full build of this year's Christmas Lego ( Saturn V
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What's in the box?

Today's question, do I buy either

- new wheels (some 50mm deep aero wheels for my propel)
- some power meter peddles (probably some P1 powertaps)


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This years Christmas project (with added cameo build)
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Provisioning WiFi IoT devices using The Physical Web and Web Bluetooth.

How to configure WiFi IoT devices based on Raspberry Pi 3's or Pi Zeros & +RedBearlab IoT pHat using BLE

I know I should support the LBS (and I will this time) but does anybody know where to buy spokes online? Wiggle just doesn't seam to list them and all I can find on Evans is short ones for Bromptons.

I've been wondering why my commutes on the Defy have been so much slower than the Propel, I couldn't really put it all down to the aero... Then I actually got round to comparing the Groupsets and Cassettes 34/50 -> 12/25 vs 39/54 -> 12/28.

£13.49 for a new 11/25 9 speed cassette seams like a move in the right direction while a plot for a faster n+1 (maybe a time trail commuter)

So while I wait for Chrome 52 to turn up as stable (not sure how to test physical web with Chrome Beta on android) so I can test being able to connect directly to the BLE device that advertised the URL I got to thinking about the next step.

I have a eddystone beacon broadcasting a URL for a web Bluetooth page to control the device, I open the page from the notification and get connected to the device without needing to manually pair. So far so good.

The device is a light bulb so I'm likely to want to control it again so I decide to add the shortcut to the home screen, the page has all the right manifest, icons and splash screen so works well.

My question is, will the "app" retain it permission to connect directly if in range of the device or will I have to manually pair when launched by the shortcut?

I understand this might not have been defined yet, but just wondering if there had been any thoughts around this type of use case?
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