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David Wright
One of the Kings of Serialized Fiction.
One of the Kings of Serialized Fiction.

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Hobbes is NOT imaginary. You heathen bastards know nothing of the source material. Ari is right. You are wrong. End of story.

If you want uplifted animals in comics, look no further than Opus (and several others) in Bloom County. Or go waaaaay back to Pogo. 

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Awesome Guardians Star Wars Mash Up from Matt Ferguson of the Poster Posse.

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Game of Thrones Honest Trailer. I like the end part, with the names. Honest Trailers - Game of Thrones

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Love this post!
Fiction Unboxed KickStarter project

I backed my first project on KickStarter this week.

And since tuesday, when I clicked the button, I have pondered a bit... what made me finally sign up on KickStarter to back a project? I have seen a lot of really great projects that deserved backing, but I never took the plunge.

This project is mostly for aspiring writers (which is probably not me, although I did love to write when I was younger). Two authors will write a book live in 30 days. From vapor to paper, as +Sean Platt likes to phrase it. We'll get to see everything, their meetings, e-mails - all the stuff that goes from nothing to a finished book.

I bought one of their books, packed with great advice: "Write, Publish, Repeat". That book contains answers to most of the questions that are relevant to me (since I will be publishing later as an illustrator, but not writing), so that brings me back to my question: What made me sign up to back this project?

The answer is pretty simple:
These guys have entertained me for hours and hours on The Self Publishing Podcast ( They're still entertaining me on their other podcast Better Off Undead (since I'm behind on those, but catching up: They have poured advice and experience out to me, for absolutely free! Nothing have they asked for in return. It's a no-brainer to back them. And not just to give support, but also to watch the creativity unfold right before my eyes.

As Sean said it so wisely: "..the process looks more like going to work every day than summoning fairies."

This is something that relates to all kinds of crafts. Mine included. You can't just magically be better at something, if you don't train. The magic appears, when you show up at work every day, and do your very best! Try to do it better than the day before. Some days, you'll produce nothing worth showing, but other days will feel like magic.  But the sum of it all is the hours you've put in your craft, whether it be writing or drawing. You'll get better for every hour you spend training.

+Johnny B. Truant had written one book, before he started the podcast with Sean and +David Wright. Dave and Sean had already been publishing their series for about a year at that time. I have heard the podcast over a few months, and the progress these three have made is staggering. Especially for Johnny, who have since written more than a million words! That's just incredible. Going from "I don't know how you guys do that" to writing full time, shows, that they are on to something. It just doesn't happen by magic. They show up at work every day. They do their podcasts every week. And now we all get to see, how they do it.

Even if you have no plans of writing anything ever, you won't regret backing these guys, just to see this happen. The project was funded in the first 12 hours (that's how much we all believe in them), but they have amazing stretch goals planned, so let's get this baby overfunded through the roof.

If you can't fund it, you can still help. You can share it with your friends on social medias or your website.

If you made it this far; Thank you so much for reading. I really believe in this project, and can't wait to see it take off. It will be pure awesomeness!

I wish you all a magical day!

#selfpublishingpodcast #fiction #fictionunboxed #writing #authors #writers #kickstarter 

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David Wright was in a video call with 6 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Roland Denzel, Catherine Johnson, Sean Platt, Garrett Robinson, Carl Sinclair, and Crissy Moss

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You can watch or comment here:

Sean Platt and David Wright are doing a Hangout with readers to discuss Yesterday's Gone: Season Four on the night of its debut, Monday July 8, 2013. We'll also talk about the upcoming Z 2135, and anything else you want to talk about. 

COME BACK HERE ON MONDAY NIGHT 7PM EST FOR A LINK to the hangout. If you want to be part of the hangout, make sure you have a webcam, mic, and headphones. And of course, a Google Plus account.

Hangouts are limited to a certain number of people (not sure how many) so it will be a first come first joined sort of basis. Anyone not in the hangout (or who can't join because they don't have a cam or mic or headphones) can still chat with us via the YouTube comments, which we will be monitoring.

The hangout will be broadcast on YouTube and will be available to watch later (unless it really sucks or someone gets naked, in which case it won't be).
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